Write sentences in the passive our car service

The paragraph is clearly about this new policy so it is appropriate that policy move from being the object in the first sentence to being the subject of the second sentence. The unidentified victim was apparently struck during the early morning hours.

At a White House press briefing we might hear that "The President was advised that certain members of Congress were being audited" rather than "The Head of the Internal Revenue service advised the President that her agency was auditing certain members of Congress" because the passive construction avoids responsibility for advising and for auditing.

If students withdraw from course work before suspension can take effect, the policy states, a mark of "IW". When it is more important to draw our attention to the person or thing acted upon: The Passive Voice Passive and Active Voices Verbs are also said to be either active The executive committee approved the new policy or passive The new policy was approved by the executive committee in voice.

The executive committee approved an entirely new policy for dealing with academic suspension and withdrawal. When the actor in the situation is not important: Other helping verbs are also sometimes present: Your text will have more pizzazz as a result, since passive verb constructions tend to lie about in their pajamas and avoid actual work.

In the passive voice, the subject of the sentence is neither a do-er or a be-er, but is acted upon by some other agent or by something unnamed The new policy was approved. The passive voice is especially helpful and even regarded as mandatory in scientific or technical writing or lab reports, where the actor is not really important but the process or principle being described is of ultimate importance.

Computerized grammar checkers can pick out a passive voice construction from miles away and ask you to revise it to a more active construction. The passive voice does exist for a reason, however, and its presence is not always to be despised.

The Passive Voice

The policy had been written by a subcommittee on student behavior. The passive voice allows for this transition. One further caution about the passive voice: The passive is particularly useful even recommended in two situations: There is nothing inherently wrong with the passive voice, but if you can say the same thing in the active mode, do so see exceptions below.

In the active voice, the subject and verb relationship is straightforward: We find an overabundance of the passive voice in sentences created by self-protective business interests, magniloquent educators, and bombastic military writers who must get weary of this accusationwho use the passive voice to avoid responsibility for actions taken.

The aurora borealis can be observed in the early morning hours.Passive: My car (subject) was driven (action) Our goal is to give our customers service that is accurate and prompt. Which: Which introduces unnecessary, but nice to know, information.

Set off this information with commas. Prepositions at the end of sentences. We go through such gyrations in our written words to avoid putting a.

Sep 12,  · By using our site, is to write all your sentences in the same basic structure. Varying your sentences makes your writing read more smoothly and is more pleasant for the reader. To write a sentence, start by choosing a subject, which is the main person or thing you want to discuss.

Next, select a verb, which is an action word 88%(88). killarney10mile.com Скачиваний: Write a form of must, have to, need or need to in each gap to complete the sententces. If more than one possibility is correct, write all possibilities.

active - passive

1) Susie‟s car‟s not here so she‟s almost certainly taking Dabber to the. I was being asked to write sentences in the passive voice, and one of the requirements was to use prepositions aside from "by" for the agent. Is that possible?

Some examples would help. Thank you in.


THE PASSIVE – Exercises. 1. Complete the missing information to write passive sentences with the information provided. Our car / service / a mechanic / at the moment. Hello, I have to write sentences using the passive form of the verb.

In this example: The car is working. (it/already/repair) 1. It was already repaired? or 2. .

Write sentences in the passive our car service
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