Write a short note on quaid-e-azam in urdu

He got a separate homeland for the Muslims of sub-continent. At this time, Jinnah brought out a program to reduce the differences between the Congress Party and the Muslim League.

Around that time, there was a conference of Indian leaders with the government of Great Britain.

It was held in London and is known as the Round Table Conference. He died on 11th September His family had migrated to Sindh from the Kathiawar area of Gujarat, India.

The Congress Party accepted the plan of the 16 May Early working years[ change change source ] In when he was fifteenJinnah went to London and worked for few years for a company.

Jinnah criticized the policy of Gandhi. He was a true Muslim and kind man. This problem still continues to have a bad effect on the India-Pakistan relationship.

His real name was Muhammad Ali. After partition of India and creation of Pakistan, he had become the governor general of Pakistan. He was upright and honest. She also became a close adviser to him. Jinnah did not like this marriage, but continued to correspond with his daughter. He became the president of the Muslim League.

India had to send his troops to Kashmir, which had become a part of India. This was similar to the dominion status which Canada, New Zealand and Australia had at that time. He always showed strong will power at all occasions. The government of India wants to give the house to the government of Pakistan.

InJinnah quit his job to study law. Jinnah and the Muslim League started work to get such a separate country. He was a merchant.

Jinnah took a different line. He had an independent judgment and opinion. He wrote many poems for children and youth.

Importance Of Urdu As A National Language

He died on 11th September, due to lung cancer. He was thinking on the line that India should have a constitutional self-government. He put the same thing into practice. He is the greatest leader of this century.

But, the position is not clear till now. Had there been no highly intelligent, highly disciplined, hard working, supremely, self-confident, driven by the dream and drove others.

But on the other hand he was a man of strong will. He was a noble and kind man. But, Emibai died shortly after Jinnah had gone to London.

But he left the congress soon and joined the Muslim League. He was a man of deed and not of word. They started fighting in Kashmir. By this time, the Muslim League had formed governments in some provinces, and had also entered the central government. His argument against or in favor of a matter were very clear and convincing.

He was a good lawyer. Jinnah was personally very sad at all these happenings.Quaid E Azam was a great leader,A Quaid E Azam tera ahasan h tera ahasn,y pyra pakistan h y pyra pakistan h.

Post a Comment Please Feel Free to Share Your Views. Essay on Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah in Urdu, English. In general elections, the Muslim League won a large number of seats in the provisional assemblies. After the Second World War the British promises to leave the country.

On 14 th August,India was divided into two states India and Pakistan. It was a great success for Jinnah. Quaid-e-Azam also declared Urdu as the national language of Pakistan. Source of Unity: The national language creates a feeling of unity and national cohesion.

People living in different provinces realize that in spite of speaking different languages. Free Essays on Paragraph On Quaid e Azam Short Detail.

Get help with your writing. 1 through Quaid-e-Azam is a phrase which, in the Urdu language, means "the great leader". People also called him Baba-I-Quam, another phrase in the Urdu language which means "the father of the nation". The day of his birth is a national holiday in Pakistan.

Apr 15,  · People gave him the title of Quaid-e-Azam for his selfless services for the creation of Pakistan. He was a man of discipline. Gandhi called him an impossible man for his devotion towards the cause of Pakistan.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

From till his death on 11th September, Quaid-e-Azam worked day and night for the creation and prosperity of Pakistan.

Write a short note on quaid-e-azam in urdu
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