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Time Out Singapore Dine Out 2015!

Like how I was irritated by this boy I used to know because he was collecting printouts from the printer. So, I met up with a friend for lunch and shopping. Is your smart phone too smart for you? Then what alcohol do you like?

Matthew, "I want to open a place which sells all kinds of beer from all over the world. I mean yes, you ride a bike, and yes, you want to ride some place else.

There was the problem, which was him, and there was me, who was glaring at him. He looks okay now but look at his body structure. Which he quit three months ago. Yes, I like to eat good food. We walked to this cafe in Far East Shopping Center.

Or your really really really good female friend.

Before you continue...

OMG, Where do I even start? I was in Taka for the past 30 minutes. Which Timeout singapore blind date into ah-beng Chinese after 5 sentences.

What do you want to eat? So we reached the cafe and he spent a long time telling me about how he likes quiet spaces and how this cafe was quiet and never too crowded.

I think he was trying to appear cultured and deep by flaunting his knowledge on the fish burger. Me, "I am not most girls. Bitch, you asked me out for dinner and I waited 1.

So his brother advised him to import tea instead. Even more than being called "Jacq" instead of "Jac". Because you know, I really Timeout singapore blind date not that picky when it comes to food.

Anyway, long story short, I started talking to this guy and he seemed pretty cool. One of the first things he said to me was "Aiyah why are you wearing a skirt? But if you have a really sweet picture of you and another girl as your profile picture, the only social dating site you should be on is Ashley Madison.

Was Gravity so mindblowing that it literally blew your brains up? You know, because he quit his job in the oil and gas industry and he was looking into starting a business.

He will be fat at I also said that I had one condition - that he chooses where to eat. I wanted to kill myself. Matthew, "So what kind of alcohol do you like. Most girls like vodka. Okay but before I delve into the details, let me continue the story. And what do you want to do? But Azleena from Clozette was telling me that I should go out since I was already all dolled up.

I am quite the efficient shopper. At first, I was a bit skeptical. Matthew then called me and you know what was the first thing he said? I decided to meet Matthew for dinner. One of a kind my ass.Every month, we set up two readers on a blind date at one of our favourite restaurants or bars – and it's on us!

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Time Out Singapore Dine Out ! March 9, Leave a Comment This is by far the most tiring post to date! But yes, that sums up my Dine Out experience! Thank you Thomas and TimeOut Singapore for the invite, and really all these restaurants featured in this event is top notch.

I hope the information given for each of these places. Lunch Actually provide a secure, discreet and personal dating service with the largest singles database in S.E. Asia. Arranged overreal dates with. Time Out Singapore goes for free distribution model.

Time Out Singapore magazine will be distributed for free to all readers across Singapore from December

Timeout singapore blind date
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