The hot zone part 2 summary

The illness caused by the virus starts with a headache and rapidly advances to uncontrollable bleeding from every orifice. The inner lining of the intestines is sloughed off and expelled with the blood.

Jahrling has worked at the Institute for much of his professional life, but has also studied viruses in the rain forests of Central America. Then his spine went limp and nerveless and he lost all sense of balance.

Richard Preston’s The Hot Zone: Summary, Setting, Characters

Tom Jahrling from Fort Detrick came down and took a look at the monkeys and took some samples. Donning thick leather gloves and pinning down the monkey, Dalgrard feels that it has a fever, and sees that it has a runny nose.

The Hot Zone Summary

Then came the sound of bed sheets being torn in half which is the sound of his bowels opening up and venting blood from the anus. Full study guide for this title currently under development.

The Hot Zone - Part 2, Chapter 1 Reston Summary & Analysis

He was a veterinarian and husband to Nancy Jaax. On November 12th, Dan Dalgard returns to the monkey house and finds three more monkeys dead.

Although they may be frozen, each of these monkey corpses contains disease, and no precautions have been taken to contain it.

Retrieved September 22, Active Themes A civilian technician named Joan Rhoderick cultures the virus from O53, meaning that she places it in a flask of water with living cells, and waits for it to multiply. Biosafety Level 4 agents are the most dangerous, as they are highly infectious, have a high fatality rate, and there are no known prophylactics, treatments or cures.

They have been jammed into cages on a boat and taken to Amsterdam, and from there they have been flown to New York City, and driven down to the Reston monkey house.

The spleen grows from its normal walnut size to the size of a baseball, becoming so leathery as to be virtually impenetrable with a scalpel.

It becomes known as Reston disease. The monkeys are placed in the twelve holding rooms designated alphabetically from A-L within the monkey house. Preston introduces Bill Volt, the Reston monkey house manager.

Active Themes The international monkey trade, Preston explains, brings 16, wild monkeys a year to the US. Preston heightens the suspense of the moment by describing in detail the way that Joan Rhoderick displays the sample for testing.

In both cases these smart, careful men have been completely fooled by Ebola, emphasizing just how difficult it is to truly contain the virus. The men put on surgical masks and enter Room F, where Dalgard observes that one of the monkeys appears dazed and ill.

In Sudan the same types of deaths were wiping out whole tribes. The sense that the virus in the Reston monkey house is a ticking time bomb heightens during this section, as Ebola spreads while the scientists at USAMRIID actually misdiagnose the disease.

She was a veterinary pathologist at a military fort in Maryland Jerry Jaax: The book is divided into four sections: Two people while working inside the building were cut and their space suits were torn which means they were exposed to the virus.

The tale of how this threat was brought under control is riveting.This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of The Hot Zone by Richard Preston. The Hot Zone by Richard Preston is a non-fiction thriller, published intwo years after his article “Crisis in the Hot Zone” appeared in The New Yorker.

The Hot Zone: Part 2 Chapters - Tom Geisbert woke up in his house in a small town in West Virginia and travels to Fort Detrick Summary Summary Summary Effect on the reader Pages the men are traveling through Kitum Cave to find possible hosts of Marburg.

Part 2, Chapter 2 Themes and Colors Key LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in The Hot Zone, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work.

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The hot zone part 2 summary
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