The evolution of phillip perrups character in great expectations by charles dickens

Estella The beautiful adopted daughter of Miss Havisham. Whimple An elderly woman at whose house Pip and Herbert lodge Magwitch in order to hide him.

Miss Havisham teaches Estella to despise and torment men. Magwitch also known as Provis and Campbell An escaped convict who initially bullies Pip into bringing him food and a file. Joe, and he later almost succeeds in his attempt to murder Pip.

He is malicious and shrewd, hurting people simply because he enjoys it. He abandoned Miss Havisham on their wedding day. After showing kindness to an escaped convict, he becomes the beneficiary of a great estate. The revelation that there was another story behind the one I was enjoying was as much a shock to me as it is to Pip, but that only increased my admiration for a novelist who treats his plot rather as Jaggers treats Miss Havisham in her wheelchair, using one hand to push her ahead while putting "the other in his trousers-pocket as if the pocket were full of secrets".

That horrible experience made her eccentric. The entire section is 1, words. In Chapter 1, for example, Pip recalls watching Magwitch pick his way through the graveyard brambles, "as if he were eluding the hands of the dead people, stretching up cautiously out of their graves, to get a twist upon his ankle and pull him in".

Magwitch forced Pip to bring him food and supplies. Bentley Drummle A sulking brute who eventually marries Estella then mistreats her. She lives in seclusion with her adopted daughter, Estella. Wopsle moves to London and becomes an actor. They are roommates and later Herbert helps Pip to hide Magwitch.

He becomes an informant to the police and helps recapture Magwitch. Compeyson — Compeyson is a scoundrel. Estella is taught to despise and torment men. He is also the man who jilted Miss Havisham on her wedding day. Later Magwitch did well in Australia and became a wealthy man.

As a child, she develops a crush on Pip. She is honest with Pip when she tells him she is incapable of returning his love. Pip also has a powerful conscience, and he deeply wants to improve himself, both morally and socially.

Magwitch, Abel — Pip first encountered Magwitch when Magwitch was an escaped convict. She raised Pip and is known for her fierce temper.

Who’s Who in Great Expectations

Wopsle A parish lay clerk who had formerly wanted to be a clergyman. The more Pip loves her, the more Estella seems to enjoy torturing and manipulating him.Philip Pirrip (or as he's known in the novel Pip) is the main character and narrator of Dickens' novel Great Expectations.

The novel relates his journey as he changes as a result of experiences in. Great Expectations: A Character-Driven Novel The novel, Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens is heavily a character-driven novel due to the fact that the sequence of events in the novel are causes and effects of the actions of the characters as well as the interactions between them.

Sep 12,  · Best Answer: I'm not sure anyone truly knows what Charles Dickens was thinking, but he generally had reasons for naming his characters whatever he named them. Your idea of Pip, ending up wanting to be where he started no matter where he went in the meantime, is an interesting one.

Old lady's explanation is also logical and Status: Resolved. Having trouble keeping track of Pip's relationships? Here is a quick, printable guide to help keep track of the characters in Charles Dickens' novel Great Expectations. Compeyson is the main antagonist of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.

He is an unseen character, as he dies before the novel's main story takes place, but his actions prior to his death are narrated in great detail and set the plot in motion.

It is a world of hints and glimpses, of bodies disappearing behind corners and leaving only their shadows behind. Whichever of Dickens's two endings is chosen, it's hard to finish the last page without thinking of how much remains to be said.

Great Expectations Additional Characters

Of course, none of this occurred to me when I first read Great Expectations as a child. In the s this story .

The evolution of phillip perrups character in great expectations by charles dickens
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