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On the other hand, unneutered dogs and cats may mark their territory by spraying strong-smelling urine all over the house. Here are tips for a safe and comfortable recovery: My cat sprays all over my house. There are millions of cats and kittens that need homes and millions more that are abandoned.

Neutering early is your best bet to avoid that urge altogether. ASPCA keeps a database of them on its web site. It also beats the cost of treatment when your unneutered tom escapes and gets into fights with the neighborhood stray! Overpopulation of these animals affects us greatly.

You can put in your zip code and find all of the options within a certain radius. Besides preventing unwanted litters, neutering your male companion prevents testicular cancer. Neutering is not as a quick fix for all behavior problems. Those ideas about needing to wait are really antiquated and the evidence is to the contrary.

And every unneutered male cat in the neighborhood will be at your house spraying your front door. It is highly cost-effective.

A pet is an animal which is domesticated to provide companionship or for amusement purposes. More than likely it will. Spaying of pets will not affect the training you may want to give to it or its ability to hunt or work.

If you have a neutered cat that is still spraying, you should see your veterinarian. It greatly reduces the risk of certain cancers if you have her spayed before the first heat and certainly before she has a litter. If you notice any redness, swelling or discharge at the surgery site, or if the incision is open, please contact your veterinarian.

Depending on the procedure performed, medication for pain may be sent home with your pet. There are a lot of low-cost options all over the country. Spaying or neutering will NOT make your pet fat. University of California School of Veterinary Medicine By having our pets spayed we are going to avoid over population because we are going to make them infertile.

Stray animals pose a real problem in many parts of the country. Also call your veterinarian if your pet is lethargic, has a decreased appetite, is vomiting or has diarrhea or any other concerns following surgery.

Usually, neutering a tom will curb its desire to roam, although cats are a little different than dogs and wander for reasons other than reproducing, such as hunting.

Your neutered male may be better behaved. Other Ways to Help: Will my tomcat stop running away from home if I neuter him?

Top 10 Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

A healthy weight goes back to portion control and exercise. Generally these pets will not make sexual advances towards people or even objects like the unsprayed animals. Spaying is applicable to pets like cats, dogs, and rabbits. Generally, spayed and neutered pets live longer, happier lives.

Your female pet will live a longer, healthier life. Have vertical spaces and climbing trees.

General Pet Care

In females the ovaries and the uterus are removed while in males both testicles are removed. When a female cat for example is on heat, it cries and becomes very nervous but if it is spayed this is automatically eliminated. It really alters their behavior.

Secondly, there are many transmittable diseases and this posses a danger to human life which could occur through animal bits and attacks one could get for example from stray dogs.

Facts, Myths, and Misconceptions.Pet overpopulation kills nearly 7 million pets every year. Why should you spay or neuter your pets? It saves lives! Learn More Here and Find Helpful Links. Persuasive Speech on: Spay or Neuter Your Pet. Wednesday, 04 February | Written by Administrator | | | To neuter or spay is to surgically remove some parts of the reproductive system of either male or female animal so that it becomes infertile and cannot reproduce.

Spay And Neuter your Animals; Spay And Neuter your Animals. Words Feb 22nd, 2 Pages. Many people believe in the myths of spaying and neutering, but those are not true.

If you spay your female animals they will have fewer possible health problems. Speech: Spay Your Cat 1. Did you know that every un-spayed female cat and her.

Free Essay: Speech: Spay Your Cat 1. Did you know that every un-spayed female cat and her offspring might produce up tokittens over a seven-year. Top 10 Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Pet WebMD Veterinary Reference from the ASPCA Whether you’ve recently adopted a pet or you’re considering it, one of the most important health decisions you’ll make is to spay or neuter your cat or dog.

Spay/Neuter Your Pet. The cost of your pet's spay/neuter surgery is far less than the cost of having and caring for a litter.

The Truth About Spaying or Neutering Your Cat

In general, avoid giving your cat any food after midnight the night before surgery. A puppy or kitten, however, needs adequate nutrition, and your veterinarian may advise that food not be withheld.

Speech spay your cat
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