Solar business plan in pakistan hyderabad

With the articles, apply for a tax identification number from the IRS. The design and execution of the solar system with still be done by Su-Kam and its network of system integrators. Pay the registration fees and obtain your articles of incorporation or organization.

For installation, you will be paid as per the pre-negotiated rate based on project size. When first announced a formal procurement process was scheduled to take place in Q2 this year. While the location of most projects under the solar program are yet to be decided, the ESMF aims to identify generic environmental and social impacts of the projects.

Helping the environment can also be good business. The Solar Park concept aims to help to reduce the risk profile for private sector developers by ensuring that land is secured, permits obtained, and power off-take is pre-arranged.

Tip Offer consultation services to businesses and individuals who wish to implement solar technology in their offices or homes.

You may see a gap of service for solar hot water heaters or pool heaters.

How to Start a Solar Energy Business

Our solar solutions are successfully powering hospitals, colleges, schools offices, Indian Army and lacs of homes and business around the globe. Some states require either an electrical or plumbing license for installation, while a growing number are establishing a specific license process for solar energy installation.

License and Certification With new industries, it sometimes takes a while for oversight bodies to determine how to best regulate them. Once the business is registered, call a commercial insurance agent to obtain the proper insurance policies.

With many states not requiring any licensing, the industry has fallen prey to poor quality and fly-by-night service. Go Solar with Su-Kam!

Pakistan’s Sindh details 400MW solar parks and 250,000 solar homes plan

Marketing Your New Business Many solar installation companies find success with wrapped vans and door-to-door sales. You can keep making money with every successful recommendation — 20 leads in a month or 10 leads in a year. Team Su-Kam will train your person so that he can reach out to more number of people with correct solar solutions for them.

Become active in the community, especially where people who care about the environment congregate. For example, an installation company might not offer energy monitoring to ensure the system performs properly.

Farmers markets and city cleanups are great ways to get involved and market to your target group. We have a pan-India service network. Lead generation could be as simple as convincing a group of houses in your area to install solar.

Certification is based on experience, training and passing an exam. However, people still prefer buying solar packages from a brand that they trust. The following three solar business opportunity are very flexible and one of these would definitely suit you.

Solar installation is no different. The Sindh Solar Energy Program SSEPa pioneering scheme in Pakistan, aims to support solar deployment in the province across utility-scale, distributed generation and residential segments.

Join your area chamber of commerce and local networking groups.

Start a Solar Business in India With Rs.25,000 and Earn in Crores

Starting a solar energy business could mean becoming a solar panel installer, a distributor of solar products or a provider of many other types of solar energy services and products. We manufacture solar products to suit every need and treat our customers like family by giving them lifetime service and support.

Once you establish your niche, learn everything you can about product costs, installation, distribution and liability. These validate your business as one that cares enough to learn the latest technology and trends.

You get paid after the system is up and running. Hiring a technical person part-time may only cost up to Rs. No Need to Manufacture Solar Products By solar business we do not mean that you have to manufacture solar products. And of course Su-Kam will take care of service and support that the customers may need anytime.

Su-Kam will give marketing and training support to you. Additionally, voluntary certifications exist. There is not limit on number of leads. EcoEnergy will use the capital to purchase products, technology and services from UK-based BBOXX, a next generation utility company that is highly active in off-grid services in Africa among other destinations.Pakistan’s Sindh details MW solar parks andsolar homes plan.

By in the cities of Karachi and Hyderabad as well as a target of bringing sola home systems to a quarter of a million. Sep 19,  · Starting a solar energy business could mean becoming a solar panel installer, a distributor of solar products or a provider of many other types of solar energy services and products.

The complete Pre-feasibility study for Solar system business in Pakistan by SMEDA, can be downloaded below: Download Pre-feasibility / business plan for solar power backup solution in Pakistan Tags. Homepage» Solar Products» Start a Solar Business in India With Rs, and Earn in Crores Start a Solar Business in India With Rs, and Earn in Crores Su Kam.

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Solar business plan in pakistan hyderabad
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