Smart prepaid energy meter using gsm module

The device has an RF transmitter circuit to connect with the recharge station for sending the alert of low usage balance remaining. A LED and a Pull-up resistor are connected at pin number 5 of optocoupler.

An external power supply of 18V is used to power the GSM module. This load draws 1. Modern communication system can be used to play an important role to facilitate this service by using a GSM [4]. The number of blinks in a minute during running supply to the load should be calculated.

LCD display shows the total unit consump- tion, date, time, message and supplier number. An array holding the recharge amounts is declared. On running a Watt bulb for 1 minute intervals, on average 5.

System receives this message and extract recharge amount and update the balance of system. The loads will be connected between the phase wire and the NO pin of the relay. The unit will be added to the last unit.

If command for relay on or off, the relay will be on or off according to the command. CT will step down the current level than the supply side to a desired level at secondary side that will be in limiting range for the energy meter IC ADE to sustain.

For simplicity, it is used as an alternative to the smart cards. A set of counter variables is declared and an array to hold bitmap for custom rupee character is declared.

In Table 1 the results of test is given in brief. First user need to buy an Analogue Electricity Energy Meter. In the program code, first the standard open-source libraries of Arduino for interfacing LCD, Virtual Serial port and serial communication are imported.

Once navigating to a desired recharge package, consumer can confirm recharge by pressing button connected to A3 pin of the Arduino UNO. The library works as expected and needs no changes or modifications. A relay is used for switching electricity connection which is connected at pin 12 of Arduino though ULN relay driver.

Pin number four of optocouper should be directly connected to ground. Before proceeding for the calculations, first we have to keep in mind the pulse rate of energy meter.

Prepaid Energy Meter using GSM and Arduino

RF Receiver - The RF receiver is used to get an alert of low energy balance from the prepaid energy meters. Relay performs the supply continuation to the load according to the command it receives [10]. When the available electricity consumption is left 30 percent, the Arduino Mega raises the D0 bit of the RF decoder high sending an acknowledgement of low energy balance to the recharge station.

Wireless Electricity Meter Reading using Arduino and GSM

The recharge balance is shown on the LCD panel of the prepaid energy meter. The capacitances are used to hold the voltage at the input pin of the IC. But in laboratory it was 0. CT is connected in series and the PT is connected in parallel with the main power supply.

A message is sent to the consumer confirming the recharge information using the GSM module. On pressing a tactile switch, the respective Arduino pin gets short-circuited to ground and receives a LOW logic.

The transistor circuit will short circuit one of the coil end to ground while the other coil end is provided 12V supply tripping the relay to NC point. If any message for consumer, it will be dis- played in LCD.

After getting every pulse the microcontroller starts to add an amount of 0. Figure 3 is the circuit arrangement for data processing and interfacing circuit arrangement. How to Connect Energy Meter with Arduino: The pins 9 and 10 are declared as the virtual serial port in Arduino sketch to communicate data with the module.

The calibrated value for comparison with the value from ADC was set to during project testing. Prepaid Energy Meter The circuit developed should connect between the loads and neutral output of a regular electricity meter. From the liquid crystal display LCDwe can see how many watts a device is drawing at any given moment, or how many kWh is being used since the device is turned on.

A liquid crystal display is used for displaying the status of Units and remaining balance.The research paper published by IJSER journal is about Implementation of smart energy meter with two way communication using GSM technology "A Prepaid Meter Using Mobile Communication," International Journal of Engineering,Science and Technology, Vol.

3, No. 3. • Prepaid Energy Meters with GSM Technology In this method consumers are expected to reload their mobile account and send a SMS to the energy meter using GSM. Electricity Recharge Station with Prepaid Energy Meter Using Arduino.

Description. Description The AT memory stick is used as the smart recharge device. For building prepaid energy meter, following components will be required - A message is sent to the consumer confirming the recharge information using the GSM module.

GSM BASED SMART ENERGY METER TO IMPLEMENT BILLING SYSTEM AND TO CONTROL ELECTRICITY THEFT Vidyashree M S (GSM) network access prepaid energy metering system to control electricity theft. Server station is also served by sending SMS to the GSM module connected with the energy meter from the same.

IJRE - International Journal of Research in Electronics ISSN: X. An Enhancment of Prepaid Energy Meter Using Smart Card And GSM Module Techniques. Smart meters (prepaid meters) with GSM technology.

In this sort of scheme, a message is sent to smart meters is additionally associated with the GSM Module for sending or Modeling of Arduino-Based Prepaid Energy Meter using GSM Technology.

Electricity Recharge Station with Prepaid Energy Meter Using Arduino Download
Smart prepaid energy meter using gsm module
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