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There are also many millions of Christians, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists.

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It has lifted the eligibility criteria for learning a non-native mother tongue language as a third language. Religion supports institutional pattern more explicitly.

It is the social institution that deals with sacred things, that lie beyond our knowledge and control. They have faith without reasoning which is blind. The aim is for the various organisations under each cluster to work among themselves and those in other clusters to strengthen the network and bonds within and between their respective communities.

Religion may Foster Dependence and Irresponsibility: The National Steering Committee on Racial and Religious Harmony, which provides strategic directions to IRCCs, has been reconstituted to include leaders from the ethnic-based, faith and community organisations.

It also provides various community and social assistance services delegated from the Ministries. However, the process of secularisation has affected the domination of religious institutions Religious harmony essay symbols.

Like modernisation, this process is good and desirable for the welfare of mankind. A common characteristic found among all religions is that they represent a complex of emotional Religious harmony essay and attitudes towards mysterious and perplexities of life.

As a matter of fact the forms in which religion expresses itself vary so much that it is difficult to agree upon a definition. Much of the focus on newspapers these days is on entertainment, fashion, commercial films, consumer culture, and sports.

It states that no citizen should be discriminated against on the grounds of race and religion. The most excellent example is of Sophism. Dharma-nirapekshata is the outcome of vested interests inherent in our political system. Religion goes back to the beginning of the culture itself.

Hence, it is obvious that religion performs a number of functions both for the religious group and for the wider society. Firstly, ascetic Protestantism, which created an ethic which was pragmatic, rational controlled and anti-emotional.

Like other social institutions, religion also arose from the intellectual power of man in response to certain felt needs of men. Religion in Western societies has tended to place less emphasis on dogma and more on social values.

As Barnes has pointed out religion adapted to our changed conditions of life is worth preserving and it must seek to organise.

But man is no abstract being, squatting outside the world. In its course of development religion has supported and promoted evil practices such as cannibalism, slavery, untouchability, human and animal sacrifice etc. It has taken on a leadership role by being the leading advocate for multi-racialism the voice and main resource centre in Singapore.

Religion serves to soothe the man in times of his suffering and disappointment. It leaves the impression that religion may be dislodged simply by new, rational belief.

In the name of God and religion, loot, plundering, mass killing, rape and other cruel and inhuman treatments have been meted out to people. But he was convinced, unlike Feuerbach, that what is fundamental is not religious forms — against which Feuerbach had urged revolt-but the economic forms of existence.

According to Thomas F. Faith in God compensates him and sustains his interest in life and makes it bearable. In recent decades, the conflict between religious communities referred to as communalism in India have grown substantially and thousands of people have been killed in these religious conflicts.

Ethnic Integration Policy Implemented sincethis policy helps to ensure a balanced mix of ethnic groups in public housing estates.Inter-religious Harmony and Religions for Peace and Transformation India is a country of more than one billion people, the majority of whom are Hindus.

But we also have large populations of minorities, with about million Muslims, making this the second largest Muslim population in the world, after Indonesia. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Religious Harmony.

Singapore’s Efforts to Foster and Religious Harmony. 10 October Singapore’s Efforts to Foster and Religious Harmony.

Singapore’s Efforts to Foster and Religious Harmony

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Religious harmony in India

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Religion is an almost universal institution in human society. Essay on Religion: Meaning, Nature, Role and other details ( Words) Article shared by: Religious ritual is “the active side of religion.

It is behaviour with reference to.

Religious harmony essay
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