Polina solovyeva writing a letter

Her grandmother waved her arms at her in an ambiguous gesture her mother was still a rock. When all of her bugs died Lena sang them a funeral song petted their boneless backs tried to close their tiny eyes. Lena wanted to remove loneliness from all things made sure that all of her dolls were sitting together kissed all of her trash before bedtime when no one saw.

In response Lena dangled her bare feet. The next day she watched her father try eating it and laughed until she drooled.

My name is Kat. Harold wants to taste her he is going to smell my skin and search and lick and this is why I do not make noise. Her mother sent her upstairs with a voice that was an empty crack reminiscent of sound. Alma do you want to go to bed? Lena wanted to feel LOVE like this for people but was too clumsy about it.

Instead she watched her sharpness. Lena said will you travel between here and heaven her grandfather did not respond only stared. My Mother gave birth to us to justify to Herself that She was good enough to be married that She was good enough to have children that She was good enough to be worshipped.

Then Lena asked her grandfather if they believed in God he said do you mean our family she said no just you and me. Together they all stood in the kitchen then Lena crawled under the table.

My Mother asked me about when I was going to get married and I said that I did not know I did not know that until Harold took me because I was good enough to help him mourn to please him and in the mornings it is easy to forget that he is mourning Alma that we all are mourning Alma and then I am his wife again and forever then I am good to please all of him his soul and his body.

When her grandfather found her hate notebook he laughed until he cried until he groaned. She thought she remembered how she went down to this river with her grandfather grilled sausages and splashed water but her grandmother told her it never happened. Her grandmother told her to act like a girl not an animal in response Lena showed all of her teeth, made a clacking noise.

There she turned herself into detached body parts two arms two legs no substance in between. Lena thought it was better with her gone. She really liked the Saints but Joseph scared her everything about him was lonely even the donkey.

Bug Murder

Then she put all of them into the lasagna that her mother was making, could barely contain giggles while doing it.

I stay at home because I am his wife because I am a mother of his child because I am the love of his life because I am good enough to have the privilege to please him and this is why Alma is not the first one anymore Mother look at me I am the first one now I am the only one please LOVE ME.

When she was not there he imagined every single one of her fingers in detail, dreamed of biting each of her nails. Harold took me and it is the worst at nights and this is when I can picture maggots living deep inside in the holes of her rotting body and hate her I hate her I hate her and it gets me through every single night and in the mornings we can forget and this is when Harold stops mourning and goes to work.

Her grandfather found her in the basement and watched the bugs with her for a little.

Russian Alphabet

The cancer in his stomach flipped and pushed, he sat down with Lena in his lap and closed his eyes in what they both thought to be a retraction. A pile of messy bones she suddenly started wanting to sing. Joseph would complain about the bitterness of his shattering, his donkey would bray. He was going away to the hospital but promised to bring back many toys like stethoscopes and reflex hammers and tongue depressors.

Lena felt the room around them shrinking. Harold is my husband Harold is my husband Harold is my husband over and over again please tell that it is true Mother please tell me that it is true so I can be silent so all of me can be silent again. When she realized that he was not there she ran around more and knocked on walls, checked in every single closet.

Her grandfather kept watching Tommy and watched and watched and then he said yes we do. Lena showed him Tommy the bug with just one wing he was happy all three of them were.

In the mornings Harold kisses my neck and this is when I know that he knows that my name is Kat. Lena said she meant their family, her mother frowned and said probably, went back to cutting carrots. She said will you go to heaven from the hospital can you come back to bring some toys her grandfather said anything you want Lena said okay thank you.

But I know that if he wakes up he is going to roll over to my part of our bed and he is going to put his hands and his tongue and his legs on me and he is going to start searching through and though my body looking for her. Harold is my husband Harold is my husband Harold is my husband.

When she hugged her grandfather her ear became a part of his belly button somehow it all fit. These are the things that I whisper to myself again and again when he is not home: Her grandmother started to make lunch.fonts, lettering, calligraphy | See more ideas about Fonts, Typography and Writing.

Polina Solovyeva is originally from Moscow, and has received a Gold Key for Poetry from the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. The Adroit Journal.

Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from killarney10mile.comova (@polya_solovyeva). Russian Alphabet There are 33 letters in the Russian Alphabet: 10 vowels, 21 consonants, and 2 signs (ь, ъ).

Russian is an Eastern Slavonic language closely related to Ukrainian and Belorussian with about million speakers in Russia and 30 other countries.

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Polina solovyeva writing a letter
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