Peroxide and catalase essay

The main problem with the method stated earlier is that the bung is not replaced earlier enough when the concentration of the hydrogen peroxide is too high. Record the quantity of oxygen evolved and during a standard time. The enzyme shape is maintained by hydrogen bonds and ionic forces.

Peroxide and Catalase Essay

As stated, pH is one. This is where the whole protein structure is destroyed, or denatured. Tabulate all the values recorded in the step D. I would use a different method of using the enzyme.

This type of inhibition is Peroxide and catalase essay, as the protein becomes covalently modified. Method of changing the independent variable 1. The graph will show a steadily rising line, turning into a plateau, after reaching a certain point. Variation either side of this pH results in denaturation of the enzyme and a slower rate of reaction.

If the energy increase is too great, the weaker hydrogen bonds that determine the tertiary structure of the protein may break. The equation od the reaction is: In this experiment a pH 7 buffer was used.

As with the majority of enzymes, it has an optimum pH of approximately 7, though the optimum can vary by species. An excess of either will not negatively affect the rate of reaction. Each enzyme has an optimum pH at which its active site best fits the substrate. Crushed potato samples of equal weight were placed in hydrogen peroxide solutions of various temperatures.

My theory is if you keep increasing the surface area of Catalase, the more active sites are available to join with the substrate causing an increase in the breakdown of the hydrogen peroxide producing more oxygen and water.

Johnson This is where another molecule can bind with the enzyme. Competitive inhibition, this can be reversed by increasing the concentration of the substrate. For a given enzyme concentration and low concentration of substrate, the rate of product formation is proportional to the substrate concentration b.

Due to the decrease in available active sites, the rate of reaction will decrease. Measure out 5cm3 of Hydrogen Peroxide into 6 test tubes. As enzymes must collide with substrates, an increase in temperature and thus kinetic energy will result in more collisions occurring in a given time.

Hire Writer The results in the table above allow us to plot a graph to show the initial rate of reaction, and how it changed according to the concentration of the hydrogen peroxide. Calculate the distance of the water movement at each concentration of hydrogen peroxide.

Inhibition affects the rate of enzymatic reactions differently than extremes of pH and temperature, which both affect the protein in a non-specific way. Plot a graph of quantity of oxygen evolved Vs. The same applies to the concentration of the enzyme.

The graph above clearly shows that the rate of reaction decreases almost proportionally to the decrease in hydrogen peroxide concentration.

Copper acts as a non-competitive inhibitor of catalase. You only need do this once. Allow the catalase to react for 3 minutes, and note the gas collected.

In this sense, it is similar to reducing the concentration of enzymes, as there are less active sites available.

Effect of Hydrogen Peroxide Concentration on Enzyme Catalase Essay

It catalyses the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. While heating, prepare a weighing boat with 5g of potato. Preliminary Method My preliminary experiment involved testing only 5 different concentrations of inhibitor, to see whether the results show any reasonable difference.

Hence, their catalytic activity is at higher levels. More repeats need to be taken to obtain more accurate results. Michaelis-Menton mechanism of enzyme catalysis.

Crush suitable quantity of pea seeds that will give the standard low concentration of hydrogen peroxide as used in the pilot study, into a coarse powder and load same quantity of the powder into 6 different test tubes closed test tubes by crushing Peroxide and catalase essay pea seeds as many times as the no.

D Human biololgy:Investigation - Hydrogen Peroxide An investigation into how the concentration of the substrate 'hydrogen peroxide' affects the rate at which it is broken down to oxygen and water by the enzyme catalase.

Free Essay: Abstract The aim of this study was to test the rate of reactivity of the enzyme catalase on hydrogen peroxide while subject to different.

The Effect of a Catalase on the Breakdown of Hydrogen Peroxide Essay - The Effect of a Catalase on the Breakdown of Hydrogen Peroxide Aim To follow the progress of a catalysed reaction by measuring the volume of gas produced as the reaction proceeds.

The Effect of Hydrogen Peroxide Concentration on Catalase Activity. Words Jan 31st, 4 Pages. More about The Effect of Hydrogen Peroxide Concentration on Catalase Activity.

Catalase on Hydrogen Peroxide Essay Words | 15 Pages. The hydrogen peroxide solution is poured into the conical flask and then the Catalase solution is added. The bung is immediately placed over the conical flask and the stop clock started. The reaction was timed for five minutes and the volume of oxygen produced recorded every sixty seconds.

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Peroxide and catalase essay
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