Kashmir problem

Despite some cultural divergences, Kashmiri Muslims and Pandits are tied harmoniously together by a common history, folklore, tragedies, habitat, seasons, soil, language, Kashmir problem, customs, and socioeconomic interdependence.

There Kashmir problem definite limits Kashmir problem what India could accomplish after the military victory on the eastern front on 16 December They could not be thrown out of the rest of the state territory, for to do so would have meant bombing of military bases in Pakistan.

Fighting again flared up between the two in as part of the India-Pakistan war that resulted in the creation of Bangladesh. The Act contained no provision for ascertaining the wishes of the people of the princely states through plebiscite.

While Pakistan continues to demand Kashmir, India declares that the only problem is that the aggressor should be asked to vacate.

The Kashmir Problem – Essay

The sparsely inhabited Ladakh region and beyond is home to Tibetan peoples who practice Buddhism and speak Balti and Ladakhi. A large number of Muslims were killed. The most notable one is the expulsions of the non-Muslim communities both from the Pakistan occupied Kashmir PoK and also from the Srinagar valley of the Indian held Kashmir.

It is after the peace-process is set afoot that the rights and claims of the parties can be considered in a non-violent atmosphere. In Indira Gandhi, the Indian prime minister, and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, her Pakistani opposite number and father of Benazir Bhutto, a later Pakistani premiersigned the Simla Agreement, which reiterated the promises made in Tashkent.

Kashmir Problem

Jammu and the vale lie in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, while the Punch lowlands are largely in Azad Kashmir. Clearly the government of India and Pakistan need to be generous to allow this internal dialogue amongst ourselves.

According to the Indian Independence Act"the suzerainty of His Majesty over the Indian States lapses, and with it, all treaties and agreements in force at the date of the passing of this Act between His Majesty and the rulers of Indian States".

Join India or join Pakistan.

Kashmir conflict

The raiders were just five kilometers from the capital, Srinagar. We deprecate raising of quasi-legal or pseudo-legal questions during the preparatory phase about the final settlement. In the first part, Pakistan was to withdraw its forces as well as other Pakistani nationals from the state.

A brief history of the Kashmir conflict

Indian armies were flown over to Srinagar immediately, and the invaders were pushed out of the Kashmir valley.

Time passed, but Pakistan did not withdraw her forces nor did it disband the Azad Kashmir Government. India and Pakistan have fought three wars—in, and —and two out of these were over Kashmir.

These irregular forces were supported by officers and men from the paramilitary Northern Light Infantry and Azad Kashmir Rifles as well as commandos from the Special Services Group.

Thus inin a war limited to one sector, India suffered casualities within its own territory. In fact, Jinnah himself drank, ate pork, and failed to say his prayers, and could not therefore be described as a Muslim.

The region is located along the northernmost extremity of the Indian-Australian tectonic plate. On countries occasions, she was guilty of violations of the cease-fire line. Until the people of Kashmir are able to freely travel from one side of the Ceasefire Line to the other, the Kashmiri people will still be faced with a feeling of seclusion and imprisonment.

When we boarded our cars at the Hurriyat office, I was intensely aware that I was taking the same route that my grandfather, Mirwaiz Yusuf Shah, had taken in when he was exiled.

InMuhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, and his Muslim League party, however, said that the princely states were sovereign for every purpose. The Raja of Jammu Gulab Singhwho was a vassal of the Sikh Empire and an influential noble in the Sikh court, sent expeditions to various border kingdoms and ended up encircling Kashmir by Issuing visas to the Diaspora Kashmiri leadership to visit Jammu and Kashmir to help sustain the peace process; x.

Kashmir: Why India and Pakistan fight over it

The chief town or collection of dwellings in the valley is called Kashyapa-pura, which has been identified as Ancient Greek: Even the crushing defeat suffered by Pakistan in the Indo-Pakistan war of Dec. As India wanted to avoid an all out war, it complained to the Security Council against Pakistan.The problem in Kashmir, he observed, is often represented primarily as a matter between India and Pakistan and framed around the issues of the legitimacy of.

History of the Kashmir Conflict Print India missed a golden opportunity to solve the Kashmir problem at that time when it had 93, Pakistani troops as prisoners of war and about 5, square kilometers of territory in the Pakistani Punjab, from where a million people had fled.

Could India have solved the Kashmir problem in Simla?

Prime Minister Indira Gandhi magnanimously gave all this up. The problem with the proposal is that the population of the Pakistan-administered portion of Kashmir is for the most part ethnically, linguistically, and culturally different from the Valley of Kashmir, a part of Indian-administered Kashmir.

Nov 18,  · Kashmir: a new strategy By Shahid Javed Burki(Dawn 5 july,) THE Saturday issue of the Financial Times usually carries an interview with. High unemployment and complaints of heavy-handed tactics by security forces battling street protesters and fighting insurgents have aggravated the problem.

The teenager blinded by pellets in Kashmir. The so-called Kashmir problem came into being almost with the independence of the country. Through 50 years have passed, the problem still remain unsolved. Related Articles: Essay On The Article And Special Status To Kashmir.

Kashmir problem
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