Is there one true religion research paper

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: Routledge and Kegan Paul, One of these, Judaism, claims that the Old Testament writings preserved from ancient times by the Jews are the revealed instructions to man on how to worship God.

This does not necessarily lead to the conclusion that there is a true religion and a false religion sbut that religion is an entirely subjective experience whose truth is decided by its value to its adherents. Consider, for example, the following four statements that Jesus made to various people.

How Can You Recognize True Worship?

Honest Questions Many men of science refuse to face this most fundamental of all questions about the nature of our being and of the universe.

In other words, to take a leaf out of Herbert W. The plain truth is, unlike other so-called holy books, the Bible can be proven to be the inerrant Word of God.

For these great spiritual figures arose within particular cultures, and their outlook inevitably reflected those different cultures. Our group agrees on how the challenge of religious pluralism is to be met in contemporary world. To her, Christianity is the only way one person can attain salvation.

Never was it more crucial to convey this message of prophecy to this world. He did not doubt its existence.

How do we Know what the One True Religion is?

For example, if you jump off a cliff, you will fall; if you refuse to eat, you will feel hungry; and if you go without food for a long time, you will die. It will lead you to the biblically proven, inerrant answers to these mysteries that have intrigued man for millennia.

Take an atheist and a theist. Request a free copy of our booklet The Proof of the Bible. It is a common experience to have colleagues at work, or fellow parents of children in the same school, or neighbours in the same street, or shop keepers, dentists, doctors, solicitors, civil servants, taxi drivers and so on with whom we interact, who practice a different faith.

In other words, if you follow certain rules and believe certain doctrines, then God simply has to save you.

So the right religion for you personally is the one that opens your heart to God and helps you manifest the higher state of consciousness that truly is the kingdom of God, the inner kingdom. Therefore, as a son or daughter of God, you are meant to be a co-creator with God, and therefore you cannot stand still either.

Now he is an agnostic. Theists, in most cases, are not, and it is precisely this that proves beyond a doubt that they, and not we, are the ones whose minds are closed. All three revere Jerusalem as a holy city.

Johnson at least has the vision to understand a great overarching truth: The most important tool to help deal with religious pluralism is dialogue.

The One True Religion

Their benefits and consequences are not limited to only the people who believe them. But, we have to ask, is this what we would expect if the traditional Christian belief-system is literally and straight-forwardly true? Because so many different religions claim to teach what the Bible says.

Indeed, the answer is infinitely simple 2 Corinthians First, we will consider whether truth is even attainable. You must be willing to constantly self-transcend, and this is indeed the key to the kingdom of heaven. Month by month, as current events link with history and biblical prophecy, the Trumpet has offered the most dramatic proof of the accuracy of biblical prophecies, some having been originally documented over 3, years ago!

You cannot simply find a church that you define as the one true church, accept its doctrines and follow its rituals and then think you will make it to heaven. About this document click for more Notes: For each stands, in their own eyes, on a higher level than the other.

Essay/Term paper: What is religion

Incidentally, it is of interest that, unlike Karl Barth, his contemporary, Paul Tillich, took the trouble, fairly late in his career, to spend time in Japan in dialogue with Buddhist thinkers; and as a result he said in one of his last public lectures that if he could do his work over again he would do it on a multi-faith basis.Is There One True Religion?

Some people find that question offensive. Given the sheer multitude of religious beliefs worldwide, they reason that anyone who claims to have a monopoly on truth must be narrow-minded, even arrogant.

Is there one true faith? If not, then based on the assumption of all three of these religions that there exists one supreme God over all, has that God destined mankind to a life of confusion over the very basic questions about His nature, His religion.

There are various ideas about the lack of necessity of persuading people of various religions about the one that is opposite to their beliefs: “It is useless for the Christian to quote the Bible to a Muslim, or a Buddhist when one or both reject the Bible as authoritativ” (Roark, ).

To the first question of this paper we answer and say that there must be one true religion (faith) because the truth is, by definition, exclusive and absolute. II. The Exclusiveness of Truth.

Despite his well-known criticisms of popular religion, Hume refers in seemingly complimentary terms to ‘true religion’; in Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion, his character Philo goes so far as to express ‘veneration for’.

Is there one true religion? We will start by asking the question, “What are the signs or marks of the one true religion?” Someone sent a Bible question to Neverthirsty this past year and said that he or she believed the true god would be loving and kind.

Is there one true religion research paper
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