Inspection of aircraft tyres

The main problem with this event is that the crew are potentially unaware that they have an issue with the undercarriage until secondary effects start to occur during the landing run. Minor overinflation, in contrast, can cause accelerated wear on the center tread, but is much less likely to cause severe issues.

Vibrations at higher speeds are more likely to be balance issues or landing gear issues. Residue, lack of lubrication, or wheel imperfections can cause a tire to hang up on the wheel during installation.

Lining up the red dot on the tire with the tube valve stem during installation is standard practice, and good enough for most situations. However, if your aircraft has high landing speeds and you have some vibration, you may be surprised by the difference that balancing can make.

Visual Tire Inspection

Follow the Flight Manual guidelines on cooling periods, for example after an emergency stop at whatever speed. He has spent the last 14 years promoting owner-assisted aircraft maintenance as a columnist for several major aviation publications and through his how-to DVD series: Rapid retraction of the undercarriage following a long, high speed, heavy weight taxi with immediate take-off, or multiple touch-and-goes during crew training, can lead to the tyres overheating in the wheel well.

Consider investing in a premium tire that will stand the test of time with the best UV exposure, etc. Some types of nose wheel tyres include one or two chine moulded into the rubber on the shoulder buttresses that deflects water away during aircraft movement on a wet runway.

If you feel the aircraft skidding during the landing, or if you have to brake heavily enough to cause a tire to temporarily lock or skip, you need to conduct a careful postflight inspection of the tire.

A number of issues can arise from landing with a deflated tyre: However, take the time to get proper instruction and always use the proper tools, especially for bead breaking during tire removal. Deflation; the tyre deflates in a controlled manner with minimal direct consequence to other systems.

The problem is that when a tire has a flat spot or damage from a lock-up on landing, it is often limited to a very small section of the tire.

It also can be caused by a temporary flat spot from the parking position of the tire, but that should resolve quickly after some taxiing. Effects There are 2 primary hazards associated with tyres: Buy the right tire for your mission—How do you fly?

FOD can have catastrophic consequences.ABBREVIATED COMPONENT MAINTENANCE MANUAL AIRCRAFT TYRES AND TUBES Page 2 of 62 DM May 02/14 Title Page 1 May 02/14 Inspection Check 24 May 02/14 2 May 02/14 25 May 02/14 ABBREVIATED COMPONENT MAINTENANCE MANUAL AIRCRAFT TYRES AND TUBES.

Aircraft Tire Care & Maintenance Revised–3/ Introduction The information in this manual is designed to help aircraft owners and maintenance personnel obtain optimum service from their bias and radial aircraft tires. The discussions contained in this. General Aviation Tires.

General Aviation owners and pilots fly with the leader. The Goodyear Aviation Wall Calendar proudly features a Waco YKC.

Failure to make verification with the aircraft manufacturer and installing unapproved tires on an aircraft may result in tire failure causing property damage, serious injury, or loss of. Aircraft maintenance: 10 tips to protect aircraft tires Aircraft maintenance: 10 tips to protect aircraft tires.

May 21, Preflight the entire tire—Most pilots will give a cursory glance to the tires on their preflight inspection. If the aircraft has wheel pants, they might not even do that.

Doing a routine tire inspection is a good way to ensure your tires are safe and at peak performance.

Learn how to inspect your tires for wear using just a simple penny. Visual Tire Inspection Inspect your tires routinely. Is it time to change tires? Learn how to check your tread depth and inspect for damages. Keep Your Tires Safe. specifications, and the use of special nondestructive inspection (NDI) techniques.

This material Inspection, Retread, Repair, and Alterations of Aircraft Tires, dated September 27,is canceled. AC A - Inspection, Retread, Repair.

Inspection of aircraft tyres
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