Improving labor standards essay

Indeed, for Nike, improving its motivation issues is directly akin to accommodating improvement in global human and labor rights standards. As a leader in its field, Nike should also be a leader in stimulating these improvements.

Proposals to "let the market do it" or "let the International Labor Organization ILO do it" abound, but it is less common to find any serious analysis of just how activists can galvanize consumers to demand that corporations raise labor standards in their global operations or how the ILO can become more effective.

Can Labor Standards Improve under Globalization?

As the force of greater economic influence that its contracted factories and facilities, it is Nike which bears the influence to help improve worker rights and conditions. In response, the company has spent the last decade going to highly visible lengths to return itself to the good graces of the public and its core production personnel.

Human resource specialists weight in ideas at seminar.

Nike and International Labor Standards Essay

We can see in this regard then, that even as Nike continues to experience growth and mark important achievements in this area and in the area of marketing, the laboers and personnel who make this possible still continue to experience neglect and even abuse. In his report Young concluded that Nike was doing a good job in implementing its codes of conduct, but that it could do better.

While concluding that the ILO should have primary responsibility for labor standards, the book also suggests that the WTO should consider how to address egregious and willful violations of core labor standards if they are trade related.

Lu, 1 As the CEO of Nike, I would favor an adoption of membership with Fair Labor Associations, which would be designed to help Nike directly oversee the equity and labor standards displayed in its factories.

Management is trained to institute safe, healthy and fair working conditions that might both improve motivation and help the company align with global human rights standards.

The authors examine both what is being done in these areas and what more needs to be done to ensure that steady and tangible progress toward universal respect for core labor standards is made.

They express concern about the potential social and environmental costs of globalization and want negotiators to address these issues in trade agreements and international organizations.

We do find, however, that the ability to improve personnel conditions and instigate a heightened motivation are both difficult to attain given some of the failed approaches taken to internal oversight.

In this study, Elliott and Freeman move beyond the debate on the relative merits and risks of a social clause in trade agreements and focus on practical approaches for improving labor standards in a more integrated global economy. The motivational issues which we have identified at Nike are serious and have implications beyond productivity.

In addition, the debate over whether and how to link labor standards to trade has led to an impasse in American trade policy for much of the past decade and has tied the hands of US trade negotiators.

Freeman Abstract Protesters now routinely fill the streets when any large, formal meeting dealing with international economic issues takes place. Charles County Business Record.

More Essay Examples on Nike Rubric That stated, Nike does have a problem both of image and motivation which relates to well-known discourse on its abuse of labor rights in the global community.Improving Labor Standards In Developing Countries Economics Essay August 21, July 13, “ The modern transnational corporation (MNC) is an economic, political, environmental, and cultural force that is ineluctable in today ‘s globalised universe ” (Chandler and Mazlish, 19).

Labor Standards Essay.

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Indeed, the objective of the ILO was to undertake shared actions at the international level to improve labor conditions worldwide. This objective is reflected in the preamble to the constitution of the ILO, which begins.

Nike and International Labor Standards Nike is an organization which has experienced a distinctly mixed set of outcomes with regard to human resources. Its growth in the area of footwear marketing has been fairly incomparable.

Indeed, Nike’s visibility and name brand recognition are a massive global force. The social recognition of the Nike ‘swoop’. This paper revisits the discourse on the roles of various stakeholders in improving labour standards in developing countries, paying particular attention on the role of multinational corporations (MNCs).

Yaniv ). While the distinction between issues of labour standards versus labour practices are unclear, this essay treats labour. In countries with per capita income of $—1, just 10—30 percent of youngsters work.

As productivity improves, so too will the bargaining position and wages of industrial workers. If history is any guide, national labor standards will improve as well.

The paper has two central aims, first to assess the key issues in this ongoing debate on labour standards in the literature, and second to analyse the ability of big businesses to improve labour standards in the labour intensive export-oriented work force in the context of global value chains based in developing countries.

Improving labor standards essay
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