How cell phones are dangerous

Why and when can cell phones be most dangerous?

They published their results in several papers, reporting an increased risk for brain cancer in people who used cell phones, particularly cancers occurring on the same side of the head How cell phones are dangerous the phone was used on.

You have to be quite careful, and the best thing to do -although not many do it - is to pull over when making a call. People may not remember how much they used cell phones in a given time period.

This means they specially limit the output power so that the output does not range to far and interfere with other "cells". At this very low power it would take an eon to damage a human being. However, the heaviest users had significantly increased risks of both gliomas and meningiomas.

However, the researchers considered this finding inconclusive because they felt that the amount of use reported by some respondents was unlikely and because the participants who reported lower levels of use appeared to have a slightly reduced risk of brain cancer compared with people who did not use cell phones regularly 510 Is it dangerous to use cell phones when driving?

The only consistently recognized biological effect of radiofrequency energy is heating. Results are expected in Even when we use hands-free, we tend toconcentrate on the conversation taking away - once again - ourfocus. The radiation from the sun on the earth is about 25 times more than the radiation under a cell-site cell phone tower per sq meter.

Studies where rodents were exposed to cell phone radiation have found decreased sperm motility and abnormal structure, as well as increased DNA damage and oxidative stress. A lot of road accidents specially involving teens are related to cell phone misuse. Furthermore, for people who have died, next-of-kin are often less familiar with the cell phone use patterns of their deceased family member and may not accurately describe their patterns of use to an interviewer.

In addition to these three large studies, other, smaller epidemiologic studies have looked for associations between cell phone use and cancer. JAMA ; 8: This is the largest health-related case-control study of cell phone use and the risk of head and neck tumors. For example, a study published in found that of men attending an infertility clinic, participants who used a cell phone more frequently had lower sperm count, motility, and viability, and had more sperm with abnormal structure.

In addition, people who develop a brain tumor may have a tendency to recall cell phone use mostly on the same side of the head where their tumor was found, regardless of whether they actually used their phone on that side of the head a lot or only a little. Also,it can cause cancer.

For example, it is impossible to know who is using the listed cell phone or whether that individual also places calls using other cell phones.

The findings did suggest that the increase reported among the subset of heaviest regular users in the Interphone study could not be ruled out but was unlikely. On another note however, the way celfones are being misused are more dangerous than the debated effects of the radiation it emits. Whereas one study showed increased glucose metabolism in the region of the brain close to the antenna compared with tissues on the opposite side of the brain 2the other study 3 found reduced glucose metabolism on the side of the brain where the phone was used.

In my opinion,when your driving you really need to be focused on what isoccurring around you. The Working Group indicated that, although the human studies were susceptible to bias, the findings could not be dismissed as reflecting bias alone, and that a causal interpretation could not be excluded.

Several studies that will provide more information are under way. Do cell phones cause brain cancer? Cell Phones are dangerous Cell phones have consistently evolved both in function and design ever since Cooper first invented the wireless handset in In those days, cell phones were merely used to make calls and store numbers.

Although cell phones bring some conveniences and benefits to our lives, they also have some potentially dangerous effects. Cell phones are potentially dangerous when people tend to talk on their cell phones while driving and by doing so; it creates a greater risk of getting into an accident.

One of the few human studies involving cell phone exposure found that when two cell phones, one active and one inactive, were placed on either side of a participant’s head for 50 minutes, glucose metabolism increased on.

Cell phones emit radiofrequency energy (radio waves), a form of non-ionizing radiation, from their antennas. Tissues nearest to the antenna can absorb this energy.

The number of cell phone users has increased rapidly. Cell phones are dangerous because people use their cell phones to bully and with too much bullying people commit suicide.

Are Cell Phones Dangerous to Your Health?

Suicide is a huge issue with teens and adults. A huge percent of suicide happens because they are being bullied. Online and off line. This is a huge issue.

Cell phones are dangerous. Are Cell Phones Dangerous Essay country is asking. Mobile phones are considered by many as an essential part of modern day life, from the businessperson who uses the mobile phone as a vital link with the office, to the teenager who has the phone for recreational use.

How cell phones are dangerous
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