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In the Hill region, population pressure has led to the depletion of forest cover for crops, fuel, and fodder. They cut down the trees and sell their hand to mouth. The country is commonly divided into three broad physiographic areas: The Federation organizes exchange programs between various stakeholders and, in the face of anti-CFUG policies or actions, it organizes protest rallies to petition the government for change.

Renowned as a country of natural beauty, Nepal is also rich in forest resources. Types of forests of Nepal are as follows: More sustainable livelihoods through community forestry Community management of Nepalese forests has resulted in many ecological and economic benefits, including increased crown cover and higher productivity.

It also helps us to balance eco-system. The forests are the natural shelters of wild animals. Sixty five percentage people completely depend on agricultural in Nepal.

Geography of Nepal

On recently deposited alluvium and in lowland areas groups of catechu Acacia catechu with rosewood Dalbergia sissoo predominate, followed by groups of kapok Bombax ceiba with rhino apple trees Trewia nudiflorathe fruits of which rhinos savour so much.

This pattern is modified by adiabatic effects as rising air masses cool and drop their moisture content on windward slopes, then warm up as they descend so relative humidity drops. It has become the most coveted internal destination for the land hungry hill peasants. Yet that is where the linkage between forests, agriculture and improved quality of life is really noticeable.

Deciduous forest is found in Mahabharata range and hilly region whereas culmiferous forest is found in Himalayan region. Most of the mountains are covered with green forests. It does pose a habitat for the wild animals.

It experiences frost up to 53 days per year, however this varies greatly with elevation, proximity to high mountains and terrain either draining or ponding cold air drainage. Many rivers flow from high mountains twisting and turning round the hills and move through the Terai.

It consists of high Himalayan Mountain Himalayan Valleys. At the same time, it provides operational support to various community forestry user groups in their villages.

It is therefore important to foster a holistic, integrated multi-sectoral approach to natural resource management as the best way to improve the quality of livelihoods, especially for the poor.

The beauty of the nation and its development depend on the forest resources. The Indo-Aryans predominantly inhabit the western part of Nepal. The Trisuli rises north of the international border inside Tibet. Individuals chop down the trees for kindling, building materials, and furniture.

The Newars who are about three per cent of the population have their own language called Newari. People do clear the jungle knowingly or unknowingly.

Forests in Nepal

By means of a forestation and reforestation, we can preserve it. We have posted here about the classification of forests of Nepal. Religion Nepal is a Hindu kingdom, and the king is looked upon as the protector and is deified as the earthly manifestation of the Hindu god, Vishnu. The Mongoloid racial groups generally reside along the eastern part of Nepal.

Finally, CFUGs that effectively manage their forests have been able to provide carbon sequestration and environmental services, including the provision of higher-quality water to downstream communities.Geography of Nepal; Continent: About % Nepal's forest is classified as protected while about % is conserved according to FAO.

About % Nepal's forests are classified as production forest. Between andNepal lost about 2, km 2 (1, sq mi) of forest. Free Essays on Forest In Nepal. Get help with your writing. 1 through Status of forest resources in Nepal Nepal is a land-locked, mountainous country, located along the southern slope of the Himalayas between India and China, situated at the junction of the Indo-Malayan and Palaearctic Biogeographic Realms.

Dec 18,  · These days, the forest of Nepal is quite miserable state. It is being cleared for different purposes. Timber Smuggling and rapid population growth are the major causes of the destruction of the forest of Nepal. People destroy the forest for settlement and cultivation.

They cut down trees for regarding the importance of the.

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Chitwan National Park (Nepali: चितवन राष्ट्रिय निकुञ्ज) is the first national park in Nepal. It was established in and granted the status of.

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Forest in nepal essay
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