Essay on preamble of indian constitution

Although these Acts increased the representation of Indians in the government, their power still remained limited. Bonded labour system has already been abolished and keeping bonded labour is punishable offence.

Chief Justice Sikrl has observed in this case as follows, "It seems to me that the Preamble of our Constitution is of extreme importance and the Constitution should be read and interpreted in the light of the grand and noble vision expressed in the Preamble.

It was, therefore, essential to maintain national unity. This word denotes a government where no one holds a public power as proprietary right.

Equality does not mean that all human beings are equal mentally and physically. It is, however, not an integral part of the main document and as such not subject to judicial review. Political justice has been provided to the people by adopting democracy, as a form of government and way of life.

No law is superior to the Constitution, and all must abide by the provisions provided in the Constitution. No one can suggest that these words and expressions are ambiguous in any manner. Every citizen enjoys this right without any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, colour, sex, religion or education.

The Preamble declares that the people of India Essay on preamble of indian constitution resolved to constitute their country into a Sovereign Democratic Republic. Ambedkar as its chairman was formed on 29th August Economic equality in this context means that the government will endeavour to make the distribution of wealth more equal and provide a decent standard of living for all.

The Constitution of India was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 26th Novbut it came in effect from 26th January Judicial Review refers that the Constitution is the supreme power of the nation and all laws are under its supremacy. These objectives are four in number: India is a secular state and as such the state has no religion of its own.

It may be noted that in exercise of the amending power under art. India To ensure constitutional autochthony, the constitutional framers inserted Article in the constitution and by this Article the Indian Independence Act, was repealed.

The following objectives which the Preamble secures to every citizen are: The Preamble of the Constitution does not bind India to any political or economic ideology but it eliminates every vestige of despotism. In this way we may conclude that the preamble is quite relevant for the interpretation of our Constitution.

Essay on Preamble of the Constitution

The Constituent Assembly, which came into existence on 11th of Decemberhad meetings and framed a draft constitution. Sovereignty denotes supreme and ultimate power. The Preamble secures to every citizen, justice, liberty, equality and fraternity.

Forty-Second Constitution Amendment Act has specifically provided that India will be a socialist state. It assures the dignity of individual and the unity and Integrity of the Nation.

There is no backward or forward individual. It is this wrong approach to secularism which is cause of many political problems in India. It is source of inspiration but not a source of power.

In such situations, the Supreme Court or High Court interprets the laws to decide if they are in conformity with the Constitution. All the posts in the state, including the highest one of the President of the Republic, can be held by citizen of India who gets elected by duly elected representatives of the people i.

As already said, the Preamble of the Constitution of India makes very lofty promises and has been dedicated to the people of India, and not to any particular class or section of the society.


This is a blend of Marxism and Gandhism leaning heavily towards Gandhian socialism. These concepts bring the feeling of oneness to the people of India. There are many authorities which firmly believe that the preamble helps in solving many ambiguities.

Short Essay on Preamble to the Constitution of India

None is to be distinguished for having high or low standard or on economic basis. Later, Rajendra Prasad was elected president of the Constituent Assembly.

It provides social, economic and political justice.Essay on Preamble of the Constitution The preamble of Indian constitution, however, not only reflects basic character of the State but also specifies at me length purposes and objectives of the constitution.

Though not a part the constitution, the preamble can be referred to, explain and elucidate a point where there is some ambiguity. Long Essay on Constitution of India for Children, School Students, College Students, Graduate Students and others.

Indian Constitution is a written document stating the Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles for its Citizens and powers and duties of Government Institutions.

Preamble of the constitution. Preamble of the constitution. Words Essay on Indian constitution: a unique document Chetan Advertisements: The Constitution of India begins with a Preamble which contains the basic ideals and principles of the Contitution.

It lays down the objectives of the frames of the Constitution.

Essay on the Importance of the Preamble of the Constitution of India

The Constitution contains Articles and 12 Schedules. essay on indian constitution ´╗┐The Indian constitution: The Indian Constitution, which stands for national The Constitution of India begins with a Preamble which contains the basic ideals and principles of the Contitution.

Included: india essay political essay content. Preview text: The preamble of a Constitution sets out the main objectives which the legislature seeks to secure for the people. It expresses what the legislature has dreamt or thought to achieve. It embodies the ideals which the framers of the Constitution wanted.

The Constitution of India is the supreme law in India. The constitution is the framework for political principles, procedures, and powers of government. The constitution is the framework for political principles, procedures, and powers of government.

Essay on preamble of indian constitution
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