Customers satisfaction on internet banking services

But, in s internet banking made a huge comeback as the most sought after channel of service deliver as the Internet explosion had made customers comfortable with making transactions over the internet around the world.

Online Banking Measures online systems efficiency and user experience.

Impact of Internet Banking Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction

The result implicated that the internet banking service quality dimensions have a significant impact on the customer satisfaction of internet banking customers.

The degree to which the site is safe and protects customer information. With the rapid development of computer technology as a commercial too Internet banking can be used to attract more customers to perform banking transactions in related banks.

To study the impact of the internet banking service quality dimensions on the satisfaction of customers. This model was a refined according to the needs and demands of the banking sector to suit its usage in the study Figure 1.

Security of internet banking solution matters

In the new banking environment, Internet Banking is increasingly managed as an operational activity and an important element of a multi-channel strategy as observed by Black et al. They found a high level positive correlation between the perception of total service quality and the perception of total satisfaction.

The ease and speed of accessing and using the site. This is compelling them to improve customer service and build relationships with customers in every possible medium like branch banking, online banking, online emails promotions, SMS promotions and social networking feeds.

Relationship Quality of relationship with bank representative. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to search and examine the factors which influence customer satisfaction towards Internet banking. The availability of assistance through telephone or online representatives. The model used for the study consists of the following items: Online banking is also referred as Internet banking, e-banking, virtual banking and by some other terms.

The above scale was refined by Parasuraman et al. Respondents in this section were asked to rate their satisfaction level with the E-Service quality of the banks using a 5-point scale.

According to AccentureInternet Banking was thought to signal a revolution in banking distribution. However, due to the lack of Internet users, and costs associated with using online banking, the growth of internet banking experienced a setback.

Hence, service quality was taken up by the research scholars specifically in terms of the e-services which lead to the development of various models that helped in measuring e-service quality in the services sector.

The questionnaire comprised of four sections [ 22 ]: Internet is the cheapest delivery channel for banking products as by using internet as a channel of delivering services banks can reduce the number of branches as well as their staff.

Fulfilment has a significant positive association with Customer Satisfaction H4:Internet banking acts as a kind of financial intermediation which makes transaction through Internet (Ahanger, ).In the banking industry, Internet banking is the industry which uses computer technology to provide better services to customers and help in the development of banking practices (Rahmath and Hema, ).

Internet banking products and services can include wholesale products for corporate customers as well as retail and fiduciary products for consumers.

Ultimately, the products and services obtained through Internet banking may mirror products and services offered through other bank delivery channels.". Determinants of Customers Satisfaction With Internet Banking Services - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

research paper. The use of internet banking services in the banking industry result as a one of the factor for creating service quality. The analysis of the service quality determines the customer satisfaction.

The data was collected from the secondary. Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction in Online Banking Service. Komwut Unyathanakorn. Kasikornbank PCL. Nopadol Rompho. Thammasat University. The Internet has become a vital part of people’s daily lives.

This research work takes a look at service quality and customers satisfaction in banking. Services Quality and Customer Satisfaction in the Banking Industries commercial banking services.

Customers satisfaction on internet banking services
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