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Some of the most notorious slums in New York City succumbed to the efforts of middle-class Christian missionaries. More secular thinkers have seen America as an asylum of liberty, where the opportunity to succeed could hasten material redemption.

English colonial promoters pictured America as a place where the destitute and criminal could find redemption. Give the poor that, and only seldom will either alms or punishment be necessary. During the Progressive Era, Christian poor relief continued to be met by private individuals or organizations because the federal government had not yet taken a large role in poor relief.

The poor were the cause of their own suffering by means of idleness. With the increase of Catholic immigration to America in the mid- to late nineteenth century, the Roman Catholic Church became significantly involved in helping the poor, especially the young, through orphanages.

Mather argued that God wished each human to have a distinct calling that resulted in work, which was the only way to defend oneself against the temptations of Satan. Gosport was a fishing village situated at the Isles of Shoals, eight tiny islands several miles off the coast of Maine and New Hampshire.

Old Testament writings such as Proverbs provided clear support for this point of view.

Christian group ditched by charity... for offering to pray for debt victims

The fishers and fishwives of Gosport were rarely comfortable, and they knew poverty more than wealth, particularly in the years of economic chaos during and after the Revolutionary War. Need a custom Essay? The Indians were also beset by alcoholism.

Nevertheless, she felt a calling to use her resources: John Kenneth Galbraith argued in The Affluent Society that poverty is essentially a premodern phenomenon and that, in the age of modern industry poverty, if it has not been eliminated, is less dominating over a society and economy than it once was in an agrarian, preindustrial society.

Morse helped the Gosport citizens found a new parish; the meetinghouse, which was quickly constructed, was a one-room stone building that was serviceable if not ornate. The response to poverty among Christians in American society has had many dimensions, ranging from condemnation to concern.

Morse dedicated the meetinghouse and prepared articles of agreement for the fishers, prefaced with the following comment: Jedidiah Morse, who again played a central role, journeyed to Gosport on August 6,where he baptized, catechized, preached, and performed marriages.

Early nineteenth-century evangelical Christian groups retained the colonial view toward the poor: Soup kitchens, which became a symbol of private charity during the Great Depression, have continued in better economic times to be a symbol of the Christian concern to feed the hungry.

Yet colonial attempts, centered on the almshouse and workhouse, had failed. Orphans from the city boarded Orphan Trains that took them West, where they would work as indentured servants for farm families until they reached adulthood.

Orphan Trains brought thousands of children to the western United States from the s to the s. Since the beginnings of Christianity almost 2, years ago, there has been a close relationship between Christian beliefs and practices and the experience of poverty.

The main soup kitchens across America include the Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen in Manhattan, which has served meals for the homeless and hungry since ; the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, sponsored by local churches, also in operation since ; the Open Door Community of Atlanta, which has served meals for over a decade; and the Iron Gate soup kitchen of Trinity Episcopal Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which has served more than meals daily to the hungry for over twenty years.

Although Jesus clearly taught that poverty is a blessing rather than a curse, Americans have, over the course of American history, viewed poverty as a curse to rid the land of, to bring prosperity to all people.

Indeed, nineteenth-century New York was a center of middle-class efforts to curb poverty. Other such societies included the Charitable Irish Society, founded inalso in Boston, and the Episcopal Charitable Society, founded in There were several small fishing villages on the islands, the last of which was Gosport on Star Island.

In the Society for Propagating the Gospel, being informed of the dire circumstances of the Gosport fishers, sent a succession of missionaries to help them. Influenced by Christian teachings, Americans have long felt a duty to care for the impoverished, especially the deserving poor. Another approach was the Sunday School movement in Protestant churches, the aim of which was to bring poor children to a caring, religious, middle-class moral environment, to help them break from the patterns of poverty.

Addams was wealthy and educated, completely unlike the poor that she helped. The message of the New Testament is that God blesses not the rich, happy, and beautiful, but rather the hungry, sick, suffering, ugly, insecure, and frightened.

This recognition required that the answer to poverty was not locking up and isolating the poor, but rather reforming their ideas, habits, and environment. Another charitable institution founded in Great Britain, the Salvation Army, arrived in New York in ; henceforth the Salvation Army spread throughout America, bringing its combination of evangelical Christianity and work on behalf of the poor.

Brace believed that removing children from the city and taking them to the country was a justifiable environmental shift that could hasten moral reformation and break the cycle of poverty.Christians Against Poverty Australia, Newcastle, New South Wales. 4, likes · talking about this · 16 were here.

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Christians Battle Against Poverty Essay examples Words | 5 Pages. 26 developing countries. By collaborating with local Christian churches in communities worldwide, they are able to care for the spiritual, economic, social, physical, and emotional development of children.

We are Christians Against Poverty. Freeing people from the miserable grip of UK poverty.

Christianity And Poverty Essay

Always through the Church. Always hope. Need our help? Whether you're feeling the weight of debt, struggling to find work, trying to overcome a dependency or battling through life on a low income – we're here to help you. We're helping over 21, people.

This sample Christianity And Poverty Essay is published for informational purposes only. Free essays and research papers READ MORE HERE The response to poverty among Christians in American society has had many dimensions, ranging from condemnation to concern. which was the only way to defend oneself against the temptations of Satan.

Christians battle against poverty essay
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