Chinese and american wedding

Nuptial Chamber Immediately following the ceremony, the couple was led to the bridal chamber, where both would sit on the bed. The giving of toasts by the bride, groom and others is a modern addition to the Chinese wedding.

Rose petals were strewn along the procession path, and satin ribbon was draped down each side of the aisle.


Not so for a Chinese wedding! Then, each set of parents was asked to come onto the stage to give their blessing to the marriage. Here, we give you the basics behind ancient wedding day customs, from bridesmaid games to the wedding banquet. The maid of honor and bridesmaids held bouquets of roses in shades of white, peach, and cream tied with satin ribbon.

Four Differences Between Chinese and American Weddings

John evening gown with silver adornments. Chinese couples in the States may set up a registry for guests unfamiliar with red envelopes.

Attendants with lanterns, as well as banners, musicians, and a dancing lion would follow. The Day after the Wedding The day after the wedding, the bride would wake up early to honor her ancestors at dawn.

Information about the elements of Chinese and american wedding Chinese wedding ceremonies is generally credited to scholars of the Warring States period B. At least the newlyweds ate first! We had two events: The Celebration Wedding Banquet The parents of the bride and groom would often host separate wedding feasts.

Guests often take a bag or box of leftovers home with them as a sign of appreciation for the good food. The bride and groom would take a few sips, then exchange cups and drink the rest. At the end, Emma and Steve bowed to their parents and to their guests a Chinese tradition before recessing out.

Guest list length An American wedding with more than guests is considered a large affair. As she knelt before each of the older relatives, she would receive a small gift. The ceremony included a traditional exchange of Christian vows photo 6 and rings and a reading from I Corinthians Banquets Dinner for an American wedding is typically a three-course affair with an appetizer, entree and wedding cake.

The bride would be required to step over a saddle or a lit stove to cross the threshold -- the fire was thought to cast out evil influences.

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As an increasing number of couples live together prior to marriage, they have less need for home basics, meaning that some modern couples ask for charitable donations or contributions toward the honeymoon instead of gifts.

Wedding-related costs My American girlfriends lament about being in the wedding party, as bridesmaids generally pay for their own dresses, hair, makeup and airfare.

For an American wedding, dancing occurs after the banquet. A duet of grilled filet mignon with truffle sauce and pan-seared sea bass with mango chutney atop whipped sweet potatoes and surrounded by portobello mushrooms, snow peas, and julienne red pepper.

Food While the dishes served at an American wedding party can vary, many receptions feature pre-determined menus supplied by the banquet hall.

The difference between Chinese wedding and American wedding: something old, something new

This difference is one of many between Chinese and American wedding parties. Speeches During a Chinese wedding reception, the host will make announcements during the feast to entertain guests and the newly wedded couple. The bridal chairs were tied with sheer ribbon attached with bouquets of flowers.

Lara Pham, our wedding coordinator, helped us plan and kept us on schedule. However, for a Chinese couple the most important part of the day is the wedding reception replete with a feast and wishes for prosperity. The groom, groomsmen, and fathers wore burgundy rose boutonnieres with ivy backing, while the mothers carried small nosegays of white freesia tied with ribbon and galax leaves.Wedding Invitation: Wedding Invitation The wedding invitation is printed invitation specially made for a couple to be married, which is long-standing in Chinese history.

The color of the invitation is usually bright red, with the date and time of wedding ceremony and dinner printed on it.

Emma & Steve: A Chinese-American Wedding in Washington, D.C.

If the reception venue named in the invitation you received is a hotel, a vineyard or an Italian restaurant, that means the Chinese-American wedding has a Western-style reception like mine. Per Chinese wedding tradition, Emma changed into two more dresses during the evening, one a custom-made red and gold Chinese Mandarin qi-pao made of crushed velvet and silk (photo 8), the other a red sleeveless St.

John evening gown with silver adornments. For the American bride and groom, the wedding ceremony, complete with the exchanging of vows of love, is the most significant part of the day.

However, for a Chinese couple the most important part of the day is the wedding reception replete with a feast and wishes for prosperity.

Then we had a Chinese wedding banquet for family, very close friends, and out of town friends. My wife didn't wear a cheongsam and we didn't have shark fin (because Yao Ming has a posse) but it was otherwise % Chinese/HK wedding banquet, with basically nothing American (no dancing or DJ).

Differences Between Chinese and American Wedding Parties

Feb 04,  · Chinese wedding and American wedding have many differences, the Asian brides more like integrated Chinese and American wedding. China has a long history, since ancient times, the marriage is to follow quite a lot of complicated red tape.

Chinese and american wedding
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