Chinas national interest

Can China's 'Dreadnought' Tip the Naval Balance?

For a long time, China has made tremendous diplomatic efforts in handling territorial disputes with neighboring countries both on land and in the sea. Navy ships back in the Vietnam War. Adhering to peaceful and diplomatic means in resolving such disputes may serve state sovereignty, national security and territorial integrity.

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People's Bank of China

Land territories under actual Chinese jurisdiction border fourteen countries, including Russia and India. The opinions expressed in this analysis are his own and do not represent the official assessments of the U.

Overall, this article is representative of the tone of Chinese naval writings about Vietnam and the South China Sea more generally.

The Chinese counterattack in self-defense at the China-India border was an example of two countries handling a territorial dispute by means of war.

Beijing is dropping hints about its mysterious new warship. The signing of the Sino-Russian border treaty was one of peaceful resolution of territorial dispute.

It is noted that long before crews gathered to train that Vietnamese specialists were studying the production processes at the fabrication facilities in St.

This is the inevitable outcome of Japanese provocations and interaction of bilateral ties. But rather than seeking to take advantage of these still obvious tensions, Washington should be grasping for all possible diplomatic opportunities to promote restraint, including especially facilitating confidence building measures, as well as urging serious bilateral negotiations, not just to manage, but to actually resolve these thorny issues.

Just as some scholars have pointed out, on one hand, the six core interests are interconnect with and facilitate one another; on the other hand, they may interfere with one another.

We may hope that the collapse of world oil prices will help to cool tensions in the South China Sea cauldron for a while longer. It seems likely, moreover, that Beijing has indeed stepped up the pace of its naval building program, perhaps in part as a strategy to keep its shipyards humming at a time of contracting commercial orders.

Goldstein As the U. The contradictions between China and Japan have thus turned from non-confrontational into confrontational. For these basic reasons, Western defense analysts should avoid being dismissive of emergent Chinese naval capabilities, even if the Chinese navy remains smaller and less experienced.

The following is part twelve of a new occasional series called Dragon Eye, which seeks insight and analysis from Chinese writings on world affairs. Navy or any other agency of the U. Three crucial steps are described in the process: Such a clash would inevitably be a disaster for both countries, and for the Asia-Pacific more generally.

China's Nightmare: Vietnam's New Killer Submarines

Instead, we should advance the situation through key some key actions: Still, as this Dragon Eye column has pointed out in several instances, Beijing also has some reasons for confidence in this nascent rivalry.

In a passage that might be termed condescending, the author writes: It reflects ample concern, to be sure, but there is also a serene and perhaps even disturbing confidence that China has the situation in hand.

However, from a long-term perspective, perpetual animosity between China and Japan may bring serious consequences. According to this description, which includes several rather detailed line drawings, the ship is projected to be meters in length and twenty-one meters wide, with a draft of 6.Jul 03,  · The government and main political parties in Taiwan, China’s original core interest, expressed concern on Wednesday about references to the island in the new national security law.

As the U.S.-China naval rivalry unfolds across the Asia-Pacific, Washington sails with significant confidence through these turbulent waters.

After all, the U.S. Navy still far exceeds the Chinese.

What Are China’s Core Interests?

Vietnam's new submarines could alter the balance in the South China Sea quite dramatically. China's Navy Is Going Global.

China's Navy Is Going Global

With its growing fleet of supply vessels, the PLAN is slowly transitioning into a global force that can project power around the. The main focus of China’s national interest is in East Asia. As a world power, China’s national interests have a global impact, but its major interests are still concentrated in East Asia because of its geographic position.

In this region, China has every type of interest. Debating the issues: China, Russia, Iran, National Security, Defense, War & Peace, International Relations & U.S. Politics. Realism is our guide.

Chinas national interest
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