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National Down Syndrome Society, Despite these impairments many individuals are characterized as being generally pleasant, affectionate and happy people. Down Syndrome may be caused by Trisomy 21, which refers to the condition of having a an extra copy of chromosone 21, meaning three copies, instead of two, in each cell.

The second part of the study provides four aspects of Down syndrome phonology. Children with Down syndrome have similar features such as small mouth, the deficient in the facial and tongue muscles, muscle weakness, and protruded tongue. The second factor affects Down syndrome phonological system is the differences in anatomy and physiology.

It happens in the early development stages of a fetus as a random occurrence in cell division, resulting in some cells having the normal duo of chromosome 21 copies, while some cells have three copies.

But many errors can occur during cell division. Although they do not have signs of Down Syndrome, people who carry this type of balanced translocation are at an increased risk of having children with the condition.

Smith, ; Stoel-Gammon, This must be aggressively diagnosed and managed because this hearing loss may turn out to be one of the major factors that may Children with down syndrome essay the spoken communication abilities of Down syndrome children to rate significantly lower than their actual cognitive abilities.

National Library of Medicine, 18 Nov. An error such as this is called non-disjunction. It follows, then, that recruitment may lead to sound intolerance. This is where the name trisomy 21 originated from.

Some infants with Down Syndrome have difficulties with swallowing or they may have blockages in their bowels.

This step of meiosis is called disjunction. This accumulation of cerumen is made worse by the fact that it may be more copious and harder than normal, and the impacted ear wax may then block the external auditory meatus.

Down Syndrome

The extra genes cause the characteristics that we know as Down syndrome. Upper respiratory infections or allergies may result in a swollen Eustachian tube which may entrap bacteria and may result in otitis media. Schwartz, and Richard M. Search our thousands of essays: A mistake such as this is called non-disjunction.

Ear wax is meant to protect the skin of the canal, especially when it is filled with water. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Down syndrome is a chromosomal abnormality that causes severe developmental problems for children afflicted with this terrible disease. The diagnosis for this is aided by a simple macroscopic examination of the canal or a standard otoscopic examination.

Down Syndrome Essay

Those who fail the screening should be tested with visual reinforcement audiometry at the devlopmental age not chronological age of ten months and conditional play audiometry when they reach the developmental age of two years. Genetics Down Syndrome is a chromosomal condition related to chromosome It is important to note that these children frequently exhibit comparatively good development of language in their infancy and toddler stages, this is particularly true when the children are enrolled in early-intervention After this period of time, however, in the first school years the rate of language development noticeably slows down.

Eustachian tube dysfunction may result in otitis media with effusion glue earwhich can result in a conductive hearing loss. Works Cited Bacciu, A. Investigations of prelinguistic development suggests that infants with Down syndrome are nearly typical in this domain.

The pressure equalization tubes will be pushed out of the tympanic membrane after a few months to a year of having them in place, but if they are placed correctly they are extremely effective, allowing the fluid to leave the middle ear space.

In terms of intervention in this domain, Yarter suggested physiotherapy and exercises to improve speech-motor deficits related to hypotonicity. Many adults with Down syndrome have jobs and live independently.

During meiosis, the chromosomes are supposed to split and go to different areas of the cell. Removal may be beneficial because it is behind the adenoids that glue ear may reoccur after pressure equalization tube placement.

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This study demonstrated that cholesteatoma can be difficult to completely eradicate in a patient with Down syndrome, and an emphasis should always be put on early diagnosis and prevention especially in light of the challenges presented by the orofacial and craniofacial anatomy of children with Down syndrome.

BMJ Evidence Centre, There are special considerations to take into account when Down syndrome individuals are to receive hearing aids because their ears tend to be smaller. In general, increased use of complex babble in the prelinguistic period is linked to better performance on the speech and language measures after the onset of speech and in the years that follow.Down Syndrome: An Informative Essay Children with Down syndrome have limited intellectual ability, however, the level of retardations usually in the mild to moderate range.

Children with Down syndrome have more similarities to other children that they have differences. The most grow up to live independent and productive lives.

Free Health essays. Down syndrome is the most common genetic disordered that causes developmental delay. Children with Down syndrome are very social, however, in some case it is difficult to communicate with them as most people cannot understand their speech.

Down syndrome is genetic disorder that causes lifelong mental retardation, developmental delays and other problems. Down syndrome varies in severity, so development problems range from moderate to serious.

Down syndrome is the most common genetic cause of severe learning disabilities in children. “Down Syndrome affects about one in every one thousand children born around the world. Research shows that Down syndrome is a genetic condition caused by certain chromosomal abnormalities”.

Chromosomes within cells are collected of “proteins and genetic information in the form of DNA. Trisomy Down Syndrome Essay half of the children will also have Down Syndrome, and there are usually complications such as miscarriage. One of the ways it almost always appears is a decrease in IQ and mental capability.

The average individual has an IQ ofwhereas an average person with the syndrome's IQ is Research essay sample on Child With Down Syndrome People With Down Syndrome custom essay writing syndrome chromosome child chromosomes.

Children with down syndrome essay
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