Business strategy game annual report

We recognize that they help selling more products, we can get higher market shares and we can increase Image Rating. So, we changed the strategy to get higher margin, sell full capacity. We noticed that we need to focus to get a good and strong strategy for Year 14 to get back the company performance and efficiency.

If we have more years, we could possibly have done better! Overview Firstly, thank you very much respectful Professor, with all your valuable knowledge and cares, we have completed very useful course in Business Strategy Game, based on simulation which is interesting, competitive with lots of lessons and knowledge we gain for business, financial analytics, marketing, production, HR and also business ethics.

We get the company up from Years 13 by several strategies at the same time, which proved very successful, we jumped up from 4th to 1st in Year 14, although, over all game we still number 4.

We continuously strive to improve our products to provide quality shoes great image and comfort. We have pursued this strategy by applying from 5 to 7 stars, and models at USD G-Company Vision and Strategy We set the vision to become a leading company in foot ware industry, providing largest collections of foot ware products, with high quality and reasonable prices.

A, if we do so, when the exchange rate so high, we could save more cost in shipping from A. The last but not least factor we keep increasing is Stock Price. We keep other factor increasing so that Stock Price will be increased every years.

The second thing we could do better is build a new factory in L. We intend to exceed the expectation of our customers and we can achieve this when our strategy is focused on our customers and we strive to provide our customers with quality product at affordable prices.

We have also contracted with several celebrity, always higher than average, with quite a large investment.

We upgraded AP factory in B and D. Our customers are at the center of our strategy and decisions. A Change in Strategies During this first three years, from Year we did not focus on a good strategy, we just keep models, price up and down a little bit, e.

We selected this global differentiation strategy because we see the good potential in market shares, large market segments for high quality shoes, and with long term strategy of large scale production we can have good production costs which bring good margins.

In anticipation of market growth, also following the strategy of high end market, we upgraded the factory and borrow money to expand factory in A.Business strategy Report Words | 17 Pages. Executive summary The purpose of this business strategy report was to analyze the internal and external environment of Ibis hotel and made recommendations to improve its generic strategy based on business-level and corporate-level strategy.

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Get started Transcript of Faboooosh Footwear: BSG Final Report. Faboooosh Footwear Worldwide T. Andreoli, A.

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Business strategy simulations for educating management and This report and the Benchmarking data on p. 6 of each issue of the Footwear Industry Report are your most these per worker amounts are subject to change by your instructor as the game progresses.

Annual plant supervision costs are allocated between branded production. Business Strategy Game - BSG Online - Guide - 04 and 05 - Branded Produc. Find this Pin and more on BSG Online - Winning Guides and Tips from Champions by Nguyen Van Thoan. BSG Online - Guides for Business Strategy Game Glo Bus ( -.

Business strategy game annual report
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