Argumentive research of pink slime

Cautious Consumers By Keith Robinson Terry Fleck The food industry must openly demonstrate to consumers that it has their best interests in mind as the public becomes increasingly wary of government and big business, research by an organization dedicated to building confidence and trust in the food system shows.

Its members include farmers and ranchers, and representatives of universities, food processors, restaurants, retailers and food companies.

Martin Luther King Jr. In scientific terms, slime is classified as a non-Newtonian fluid. When put together on a plate, the strands are mixed together making a tangled mess. Using computer controls, the mixing speed and temperature are regulated.

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. They are then moved along a conveyor belt to the filling heads, which contain the slime solution. For the typical tub of slime, the process occurs on a filling line. The following description outlines a batch process.

Manufacturers have sold polymeric play materials like slime for years. And adding LFTB to ground beef does not make that ground beef any less safe to consume". Consumer testing is often used to help in making these decisions. Sometimes this is not required because pre-decorated packaging is used.

Raw Materials Slime formulas are initially produced in laboratories by chemists. PVA is a long chain polymer that has a backbone of carbon molecules with numerous hydroxyl OH groups attached.

Pink slime

Already some variations on the classic slime product are available. Purdue is a member. The most commonly used material is polyvinyl alcohol PVA. Quality Control Quality control is a continuous process occurring during the entire production process. These are thick liquids that have a variable viscosity.

He traced the skepticism toa time of increasing civil unrest as a result of the assassinations of the Rev. Cross-linking agents are ions that help temporarily connect polymer strands with relatively weak ionic bonds.

The company provides information that is easy for people like me to understand. If a small amount of force is applied, such as stirring them slowly with your fingers, they feel thin and water-like. If a polymer is present like PVA, the borate ions interact with the polymer chains and form weak ionic bonds that make the solution thicker.

Cautious Consumers

This process can vary however, as filling may be easier if the cross-linking agent is not added until the polymeric solution is in the final package. In classic slime formulations, sodium borate Borax or sodium tetraborate is used. Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology. These bonds also give the ability to stretch when a force is applied.

During the s, Nobel laureate Hermann Staudinger laid the groundwork for our modern understanding of polymer science. The big question is why that is so. These two scientists studied the dimensions of natural rubber using x-ray techniques.

After the batch is approved, it is pumped to a holding tank, where it is stored prior to filling.

Filling and packing 3 The filling stage depends on the type of packaging in which the slime will be sold. Viscosity is a measurement of the resistance to flow when a shearing force is applied.Breaking ground in slime mold research Date: December 13, Source: University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Summary: This past summer, Laura Walker became the first scientist to collect slime.

'Pink Slime' is the name of the first short story written about the subject. I wrote and published it a couple weeks ago.

Pink Slime (Mob)

Using a fictional investigative reporter whose lunch was ruined by the disclosure of its content, it provides a vehicle to fully unveil the truth -- much more than has been in the press.

Slime Background. Slime is a unique play material composed of a cross-linked polymer. It is classified as a liquid and is typically made by combining polyvinyl alcohol solutions with borate ions in a large mixing container.

"Pink slime" (a derogatory term for lean finely textured beef or LFTB, finely textured beef, and boneless lean beef trimmings or BLBT) is a meat by-product used as a food additive to ground beef and beef-based processed meats, as a filler, or to reduce the overall fat content of ground beef.

"Pink Slime" Essays and Research Papers Pink Slime  The Pink Box That simple sentence he said to me grammatically changed the way I looked at the relationship between my sister and I; and more importantly, it made me realize how to.

Pink for Girls, Blue for Boys? Pink for girls; Blue for boys? Nowadays if we walk into a department store we can be sure that we will find pink and some blue clothes, toys and little other objects for children such as books, bikes, lunchboxes, board games, toy cookers, cash registers, even games consoles.

Argumentive research of pink slime
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