Anna nicole smith case study

Loved ones battled over her decomposing body Getty Images As an ugly legal battle over where to bury Anna Nicole dragged on for weeks, a county medical examiner warned that her body was "decomposing more quickly than expected" and jeopardizing funeral plans, according to Arkansas Online.

May 1,the United States Supreme Court unanimously decided the case in favor of Anna Nicole Smith on the question of federal jurisdiction. The laywers who managed to keep making money off Anna Nicole for more than a decade after her death. Some have even distributed and discussed copies of her will.

But the potential payout from J. During the lengthy legal battle, both Anna Nicole and Pierce died, leaving their heirs to squabble over the fortune.

Anna Nicole’s death a case study at US law schools

When a will does not dispose of an entire estate - or, in this case, any of the estate - it passes via the rules of intestate succession, which provide a sort of estate plan by default.

Though once barred from parental inheritance completely, nonmarital children today are always granted full inheritance rights with their mothers and can also inherit from their fathers as long as paternity has been established.

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January 6, at 2: January 6, at Strange links between the deaths of mother and son Getty Images Daniel Smith, 20, was visiting his mom and newborn baby sister in the Bahamas when he died suddenly from a toxic combination of prescription drugs on Sept.

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Dannielynn thus trumps Vergie. Who among her survivors -- her mother, Vergie Arthur, her lover, Howard K.CHICAGO, Mar. 5 /Standard Newswire/ -- Last week, the legal dispute between Anna Nicole Smith's estranged mother and her boyfriend over where Anna Nicole would be buried was resolved in favor of Howard K.

Stern. But this week a paternity and custody dispute begins over Anna Nicole's orphaned infant girl, Dannielynn. Marshall v. Marshall, U.S.

Shady things surrounding Anna Nicole Smith's death

() is a case in which the United States Supreme Court held that a federal district court had equal or concurrent jurisdiction with state probate courts over tort claims under state common case drew an unusual amount of interest because the petitioner was Playboy Playmate and celebrity Anna Nicole Smith.

Anna Nicole Smith never finished high school, but the strange twists of the model's life — and now her death— are helping teach lessons at law schools around the country.

Smith death a case study at law schools

Even before her death last month, Smith was a case study for students of estate law. Anna Nicole's legacy became a case study in opportunism, and it seemed no one failed to take full advantage of even the slightest connection to the troubled model's life and death. Share on. 2 Initial Information • Anna Nicole Smith found unresponsive at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino • Possible “stomach flu” for several days • Body transported to Memorial Regional Hospital • Pronounced dead and Medical Examiner’s Office notified at PM February 8, ANNA NICOLE SMITH CASE Anna Nicole Smith Case Vickie Lynn Marshall, also known as Anna Nicole Smith, was a person that was in the spotlight for many years, until her death in According to Dalton (), “While the outside world of bankruptcy recognized the name Vickie Lynn Marshall, she was at one time a household name.

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Anna nicole smith case study
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