All forms of government welfare should be abolished essay help

Conclusion As one can see, government welfare should be abolished. For example, mothers continue having children out of wedlock to increase the amount of money they receive on welfare checks.

Especially the younger generation. Government welfare would not have any trouble staying alive, if people did not abuse the system by relying on that money to solely live on.

There are lots of communities that have "jobs" that they can not afford to higher for and rely on community service. In having a system that does not motivate unemployed workers to find employment, nothing will stop reliance on the system.

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The one thing I would like to see is those who receive monetary assistance those that are capable and fit for work perform community service hours. For instance, it is encouraged to those who are on welfare checks to not search for jobs because doing that would repeal their benefits.

Many no longer work because they do not need to in order to get by every single day. Alexander Hung What is Government Welfare? Some communities do not have enough volunteers.

This may sound harsh since the needy are being attacked for their essentials, however, many of these people do not have the desire to work a day in their lives. Programs that help those that were financially stable and responsible tax payers get through "rough periods".

What Does Government Welfare Teach? This can have benefits for both parties. Therefore, it only makes sense that those who do not contribute should not receive any benefits.

All forms of government welfare should be abolished - Essay Example

These benefits are clearly abused when th e money is not used for the care of the infant. For these reasons, the government welfare programs need to be eliminated for the present and future. Welfare system actually makes poverty more attractive…to those who would otherwise have been motivated to work and support themselves" Westfall 1.

Specifically, these so called needy people abuse the system. Once upon a time when we fell on hard times we turned to our family and our community for help first.

Although twenty feet away there is an employment center where jobs are plentiful, even to those without degrees. In the creation of a system that is supposed to help citizens in hard times, there are more who just cannot seem to get enough free money. To some, this may not annoy them one bit, however, they are clearly not aware of what exactly is happening.

Welfare should not be a long term solution for most. Over time many depend on government welfare checks and no longer have the will to work. The AEI Press, When you see generations of the same family on public assistance their is defiantly a problem to be addressed.

Because money is a limited resource, it will run out if used improperly. Another reason why government welfare should be eliminated is because the demands placed on the welfare checks are placing a strain on federal programs for the working class. Their desire to work is little to none. Another reason, is that these welfare check receivers put everyone else at high risk in the future by draining the limited resources, money, straight into their pockets for doing nothing.

The horror does not stop there, it continues when mothers become reliant upon government welfare to attain steady income.

It is very apparent that those who do not contribute to society are putting every hard working; tax-paying individuals at risk for having nothing when retirement comes around.

Abuse of Government Welfare Abuse of government welfare can be seen in many different ways even with the current protections in place. Many of these individuals who need help do not contribute even a day in the working class society. The money being generated for social welfare comes directly from those who work hard.

Except for those with disabilities it should be a short term "helping hand. Financial responsibility should be taught in high school. Families consolidated and and pulled together to help each other out.

They do this by having more children out of wedlock to attain more money in their welfare checks. Avoiding bankruptcy and possibly relying on public assistance programs as their situation spirals out of control. Should all forms of government welfare be abolished?

Those that have sudden and costly health issues that are either not insured or exceed their insurance, loss of an income, loss of all income, etc. Submit It needs a drastic over haul.Feb 27,  · Best Answer: If I were personally to take this angle, I'd argue from the perspective that all forms of government welfare need to go.

Not only for the poor, but also the rich. What the reduction in government expenditures that go into supporting both ends of society could better be Resolved. All forms of government welfare should be abolished Left wing supporters do not advocate for soup kitchens.

The right-wing advocates, on the other hand, believe in institutionalized welfare. Jesus spoke at length on the relationship of men to God and each other, but largely avoided politics. He never advocated coercively applying his teachings — that the federal government should force men to love God and their neighbors, as long as the enforcement was efficient, for instance.

But politics drives reform conservatism. Mar 18,  · The issue is "All forms of government welfare should be abolished" For the thesis statement I wrote "All forms of government welfare should not be abolished" But I Status: Resolved. To help facilitate this transfer of responsibility from government welfare to private charity, the federal government should offer a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for contributions to private charities that provide social-welfare services.

Sep 06,  · Why We Need To Abolish Welfare Entirely. Tim Worstall Contributor i. By covering these costs through various programs that help low-income people, the government .

All forms of government welfare should be abolished essay help
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