A recollection of my first court experience

What Happens in Traffic Court: Trial By Judge

It was an outstanding first day to have spent in court, really. Best interests of the child? It seemed as if it was too easy to get through. It was like a huge crimped, teased, knotty mess. Unfortunately, there are so many cases and not that much time; it seems virtually impossible to make sure that every outcome is the right thing.

It is a human and sensitive court because it has to be. There were only two and a half rows for people to sit and watch, forcing many people to have to wait outside.

But I do remember the start of the testimony as if it were yesterday. It seemed like every case was decided at the bench before even saying what the charges were. I have been to different courts in the past, criminal, traffic, and family, but never in the White Plains building. I had no idea what to do.

And there is much that I need to learn through evaluating myself; that process is all the more helpful when I do that evaluation before, say, the internet. It is much more private as it should beand its participants are aware that the results have great impact on the people involved —this court is changing and dictating the near and far future of many children who might not have a chance for better opportunities and a better life, or even a chance to reach their teenage years with proper education and other daily needs.

The attorneys seem harried, distracted, or simply tired. In fact, there was even a child custody case involving a respondent who had cut off two of his fingers! The mothers and fathers and their extended parts who have become broken and come to this place to get patched up. The bailiff directed me to an open area in front of the judge.

As each case was unique, with its own set of circumstances, I was left completely engrossed in the arguments presented in every case. Since that day, there have been several occasions where I have had a decisive advantage over another attorney simply because I knew what the law said and pointed it out in a coherent way.

Except for the scribe in the restroom before me, no one cares enough about the people called to Family Court to even stand up and declare that this Emperor has no clothes. After he got off the stand and I regained my composure, it became clear that things were not going well for us.My first recollection of Nisei Week would be in when I attended the Golden Circle Dinner and Coronation with members of my family.

I was able to meet members of the court and talk to others who were involved in events throughout the week. Court Experience I went to the court session on Wednesday afternoon at and stayed until around They did not start court though until a little after 2.

My First Court Visit: A Day in the Courtroom of Judge Holly J. Fujie

In most traffic court trials, you will simply stand up at the counsel table, look at the judge, and present your view of what happened. But in a few courts, you'll be asked to take the witness stand.

Either way, you'll want to have practiced your presentation ahead of time. Today, then, is the first “first”: My first day in court.

I’m hoping these “firsts” will give me an excuse to look back on my first-year ups-and-downs and make sure I learned all that I could.

Though the idea of standing before a judge was daunting, my first court experience was a truly enjoyable one, thanks to the honorable Judge Holly J. Fujie of the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

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Fortunately, I did not report to court that morning as a litigant embroiled in a. One of the main differences between my original thoughts about how my court experience was going to go and how it actually turned out was the time amount.

Recollections of My First Expert Witness Experience

I was expecting the court to actually go thru many details and elaborate on certain points.

A recollection of my first court experience
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