28eme rencontre des musulmans de france

The crowd demanded to release the arrested students and for the police to leave the campus. Further reasons of guilt are the following pronouncements made in the interview: ULB, campus du Solbosch, auditoire E.

It would be recommended to suspend her sentence until she has improved". The prosecutor did not let it go with that but took Zere on a hour journey to the Forensic Medicine Institute in Istanbul. The prosecutor took his statement and he was brought to the court of inquiry.

They went to the battalion and asked Divisional Commander Mete Sayar about their relatives. Then the Court made a decision of arrest against her and she was sent to the prison on that day. A decision will be made at the 4. The board listed the other cancer patients as follows: After a discussion the privat security staff started to kick down the stand and the civil policemen joined them".

However, the prosecutor did not accept this report by itself and sent Zere on a hour journey to Istanbul for an examination by the Forensic Medical Institute.

However, the reasons for the death of the year-old girl have not yet been revealed in those declarations".

The first hearing of the trial will take place on 24 February at the Istanbul 9th High Criminal Court. She said that the examination in Istanbul had been carried out superficially.

All 66 students were released later on. The police attacked the group and the incident escalated. According to the board, her situation is the most serious among the convicts ill with cancer.

The families started to worry a lot. Additionally, the persons responsible for the publishing who did not participate in the crime constituted by the media body shall be sentenced to a judicial fine equivalent to between 1, and 10, days".

More than signatures At the same time, more than 1, people participated in a signature campaign demanding action.informations des arméniens et de leurs associations sur les activités culturelles (théâtre, concert, danse), scientifiques et communautaires armeniennes.

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28eme rencontre des musulmans de france
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