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The Rollover What exactly is the Maya calendar about to do? Evidence for 2012 doomsday Maya empire stretches 2012 doomsday most parts of the southern states of Mexico and reaches down to the current geological locations 2012 doomsday Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador and some of Honduras.

Most experts think the start point corresponds to Aug. Most believers in the power of planetary alignments forgot the failure of earlier lineups to induce disaster.

For instance, it takes 20 baktuns to make a pictun. The last time the world got all worked up over the mystical turning of a calendar was the false Millennium of Jan. The year is acting like a badly behaved celebrity.

Scholars have deciphered how the Maya calendar worked from historical texts and ancient inscriptions, and they have accurately correlated so-called Maya Long Count dates with the equivalent dates in our calendar.

The ancient Maya of Mexico and Guatemala kept a calendar that is about to roll up the red carpet of time, swing the solar system into transcendental alignment with the heart of the Milky Way, and turn Earth into a bowling pin for a rogue planet heading down our alley for a strike.

After they are released they 2012 doomsday conspiracy theorist Charlie Frost, who hosts a radio show from the park. Jenkins did acknowledge that the winter-solstice Sun actually crosses the center of the Milky Way anytime between and A Long Count date is the tally of days from that mythic startup.

Anyone who cruises the internet or all-night talk radio knows why. No one paid much attention to the end of Baktun 13 until fairly recently.

It also noted that the date is the winter solstice, when the Sun will be "in the constellation Sagittarius, only about 3 degrees from the Galactic Center, which, also coincidentally, is within 2 degrees of the ecliptic. He believed that the Maya aligned their calendar to correspond to this phenomenon.

As Karl Kruszelnicki brilliantly writes: This might be a great plotline for blockbuster movies, but it also highlights the hype that can be stirred, lighting up religious, scientific and not-so-scientific ideas that the world is doomed.

Real astronomy does not support any match between the Baktun end date and a galactic alignment.

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The "Jupiter Effect" cataclysm predicted for March 10, named for the book about it by John Gribbin and Stephen Plagemann commanded headlines but never materialized. So how does this work? The clock is ticking.

This myth says that if the 13 ancient skulls are not brought together at the right time, the Earth will be knocked off its axis. So to give a precise visual position for its centerline is not meaningful.

2012 phenomenon

There is no planet alignment on the winter solstice in For instance, an inscription commissioned in the 7th century A. A character explains earnestly that that the alignment could bring either "mass unification of divine and earth-plane selves," or perhaps nuclear annihilation.

There was no way to record a date older than 52 years. Bythe year in which he organized the Harmonic Convergence event, Arguelles was using the date 21 December in The Mayan Factor: So, for example, the first day in the Long Count is denoted as 0. Precession[ edit ] In the Solar Systemthe planets and the Sun lie roughly within the same flat plane, known as the plane of the ecliptic.

Borrowing a forecast from Nostradamus, the 16th-century French riddler, author Charles Berlitz predicted catastrophe in his book Doomsday There is no evidence that they saw the calendar and a world age ending in either transcendence or catastrophe on December 21, Furthermore, they assert that this event was indeed planned for and not the 7th century.

The arks approach the Cape of Good Hopewhere the Drakensberg now the tallest mountain range on Earth is emerging. President Thomas Wilson and other world leaders begin a secret project to ensure the survival of humanity.

What did the Maya themselves think about End Times? The Mayans had a solution. Although some ancient inscriptions turn 13 baktuns into an important reset milestone, others imply that the calendar simply keeps running. In our Western society, every year 31 December is followed, not by the End of the World, but by 1 January.

Myths are abound and seem to be fuelling movie storylines. An attempted refueling stop in Hawaii is abandoned after seeing the islands consumed by flows of lava as a result of the erupting volcanos. Most of the Maya calendar intervals accumulate as multiples of Opening in theaters on Friday, Nov." Doomsday" is all predestined and predetermined, so the movie is a road trip movie that concludes at a Mayan pyramid.

Little suspense or surprises exist; the characters have no free will and are not believable or compelling.3/5(91). The final day on the Mayan calendar finds four faithful strangers convening at an ancient temple in the heart of Mexico in this apocalyptic thriller starring Cliff De Director: Nick Everhart.

Dec. 21,wasn't the end of the world, and here's why. The Great Doomsday Scare. November 9, Scenes from the motion picture "" Courtesy Columbia Pictures. This guest article on was written by E.

C. Krupp, Director of Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles and is reprinted with permission from Sky & Telescope Magazine. The publisher and the author reserve all rights.

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No Doomsday in Apparently, the world is going to end on December 21st, Yes, you read correctly, in some way, shape or form, the Earth (or at least a large portion of humans on the. As the date of the apocalypse nears, several strangers travel to a temple in Mexico to prevent an ancient prophecy from destroying the killarney10mile.comor: Nick Everhart.

2012 doomsday
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